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Vienna Blood Season 3 Renewed at BBC – Release Date, Cast & Other Details


The second season of VIENNA BLOOD premiered on BBC on December 10th, 2021. VIENNA BLOOD SEASON 3 RELEASE DATE: We hope you enjoyed the previous season and are looking forward to the third season’s release date. We also hope you are interested in the latest VIENNA BLOOD SEASON 3 news and rumors, including the season’s premiere date, cast, episodes, and rumors. Season spy will provide you with all of the information you need about the upcoming VIENNA BLOOD SEASON 3 without revealing any spoilers.

Vienna Blood is a 2019 British-Austrian psychological thriller television series set in Vienna, Austria in the early 1900s. The series is produced by BBC Worldwide. Following the adventures of Max Liebermann (Matthew Beard), a doctor and student of Sigmund Freud, the series follows him as he accompanies Police Detective Oskar Rheinhardt (Jürgen Maurer) in his investigations. They are successful in their investigations of disturbing murders because they are able to provide psychological insights into the subjects’ motivations. Another sub-theme that has persisted is the escalating anti-Semitism directed at the Liebermann family.

Vienna blood season 3 Release Date

In the event that you have already seen VIENNA BLOOD SEASON 2 then you are most likely curious about the upcoming season and are looking for the official VIENNA BLOOD SEASON 3 Premiere Date, Release Date, and all the other information about the renewed VIENNA BLOOD SEASON 2 that is provided in this article.

Vienna blood season 3 Release Date
Vienna blood season 3 Release Date

It will be very shortly before the second season of VIENNA BLOOD returns for a third season, and you can watch it on BBC. As a result, you can use SEASON SPY to keep up to date on all the latest news, updates about the cast, premiere, and trailer for the upcoming VIENNA BLOOD SEASON 3.

The release date for VIENNA BLOOD SEASON 3 is expected to be in the year 2022. Everyone is looking forward to VIENNA BLOOD SEASON 3, and the series’ third season is the most eagerly anticipated by viewers of BBC’s Web series.

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Sigmund Freud’s former student Max Liebermann lends his expertise to Detective Rheinhardt’s inquiry into a series of unsettling killings that have taken place in and around the famous cafes and opera venues of Vienna in the early 1900s.

Vienna blood season 2 PBS

Vienna blood season 2 PBS
Vienna blood season 2 PBS

A clash of cultures and ideas collide at the grand cafes and opera houses of Vienna in the early 1900s, a hotbed of philosophy, science, and art where a collision of cultures and ideas collide. Max Liebermann is a talented young English doctor who is a pupil of Sigmund Freud, the world-renowned psychoanalysis. A sequence of bizarre and horrific killings is being investigated by them, together with the ever-tenacious Detective Inspector Oskar Rheinhardt.


  • Max Liebermann is played by Matthew Beard.
  • Oskar Reinhardt is played by Jürgen Maurer.
  • Clara is played by Luise von Finckh.
  • Amelia Lydgate is played by Jessica De Gouw.
  • Rachel Liebermann is played by Amelia Bullmore.
  • Mendel Liebermann is played by Conleth Hill.


The trailer for VIENNA BLOOD SEASON has been eagerly awaited by fans of the first two seasons of the series. 
Fans, on the other hand, are extremely anticipating the release of the VIENNA BLOOD SEASON trailer, and you can anticipate seeing few more VIENNA BLOOD SEASON Official Teasers or Trailers in the coming months.

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  1. Vienna Blood is an excellent series. Must continue. Please inform me of date and whether it will return to PBS, if not where.

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