Universal Studio’s ‘Boss Baby’ sequel and ‘Forever Purge’ gross over $1.3 Million

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The enormous production house Universal studios had two big feature-length movie releases this Thursday.  The Boss Baby: Family Business and Forever Purge both movies grossed $1.3 million on its opening day.  

Dreamwork animation’s Boss baby 2 was released in 2,700 theatres earning over $1.31 million whereas Blumhouse’s is forever purge Was released in 2,550 theatres and earned over $1.33 million.  

Both these movies with polar opposite concepts, Boss Baby: Family Business a comedy & animation whereas, Forever Purge a horror & thriller seems to have some impact on theatres. As the 4th of July is arriving expert suggests that it might not be a good day at the box office. Since people prefer to spend their time at leisure.  

Boss baby two will branch out to 3,640 theatres Aiming to reach $15 million while the first boss baby grossed approx. $5.2 million. Forever purge to expand to 3,051 theatres eyeing at $10 million.  

Forever Purge is now a part of the franchise from the fictional “purge” where the concept is 12 hours every year all the crimes are legal is absolutely different from the family comedy movie Boss Baby: Family Business, now grown-ups, Theodore Templeton and his estranged brother take a magical formula that transforms them into babies for 48 hours. Forever Purge has secured an IMDB of 6.1 by far, whereas Boss Baby 2 is still at a 5.8 IMDB rating.

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