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Tower Of God Season 2: Release Date, Cancelled And Renewed


“Whatever you desire — it is here.” That is a bold promise coming from a free web comic. However, the tantalizing words describing “Tower of God” on its official Web Toon page aren’t an empty promise. In the vast world that Korean author S.I.U. has created, there are many secrets to uncover.

It’s no wonder, then, why Crunchyroll adapted the original comic as one of its own Crunchyroll Originals in 2020, and why it became so popular as a result.It’s been over a year since fans have heard anything about the continuance of the anime, despite its success as both a comic and an anime. A single, 13-episode season of the anime was only ever available on Crunchyroll.

As of this writing, fans are still clamouring for more. The fact that an immensely popular anime with over a decade’s worth of source material to adapt could be abandoned so abruptly baffles me. As a result, there is yet hope for the show. A possible second season of “Tower of God” has been revealed thus far.

Tower Of God Season 2 Release Date-

There is no word yet from Crunchyroll on when the second season of Tower of God will be released. A second season of the show hasn’t even been officially announced by the studio. After the first season of “Tower of God” concluded in August 2020, Crunchyroll has yet to say anything about it.

The position, on the other hand, is by no means bleak. It’s technically not cancelled because Crunchyroll hasn’t taken down the show, and it wouldn’t be the first anime to take at least a year off between seasons.. There is a good chance that “Tower of God” will return in the future. However, fans can expect a second season to be released as late as late 2022 if Crunchyroll is working on it.

However, this is just an opinion. Before Crunchyroll confirms a release date, fans will have no way of knowing for sure when the show will be available. There’s always the option of reading the original comic to keep up with the tale, even if that never happens.

tower of god season 2

Tower Of God Season 2 Cast-

According to the Tower of God’s renown, the characters and relationships in this story have been woven together in a complex web. The individuals’ interactions with one another in the Tower create new worlds that the reader might explore. For example, if Rachel (Saori Hayami/Valerie Rose Lohman) hadn’t entered the storey to “view the stars,” it wouldn’t have happened (via Myanimelist) Bam (Taichi Ichikawa/Johnny Yong Bosch), the series’ protagonist, may end up entering the Tower himself in search of the only girl who ever showed him kindness throughout the course of the series.

Fortunately, no hero on a mission to save his princess is ever without a team (or enemies for that matter). Headon (Houchuu Ootsuka/Christopher Swindle) is a tower guardian who falls into this group. Aside from Mariko Honda and Kira Buckland, characters like Khun (Nobuhiko Okamoto) and Rak (Kenta Miyake and Matthew David Rudd) have stood by Bam since the beginning, and it’s likely they will continue to do so if Crunchyroll approves Season 2.

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Tower Of God Season 2 Plot-

A pleasant surprise was waiting for Bam after the first season of “Tower of God” ended. For all his efforts, Rachel betrays him at the last minute, even after he helped her with the administrator’s test. To fill in some of the blanks in her past, it is revealed that she had been utilising Bam to ascend the Tower the entire time. After she threw him off a cliff, she realised that she would eventually have to murder him.

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Bam, on the other hand, is still alive and resolute in his quest to climb the Tower and discover the truth about Rachel’s actions. A fresh chapter begins as Bam embarks on yet another journey in search of the woman of his dreams. Of course, it won’t stop the Tower’s ever-expanding cast of characters from coming up with fresh ways to stop him. Over the course of its 337 chapters, Season 2 of the original comic included even more of all of these characteristics.

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