Ruthless season 3

Tyler Perry is the executive producer, writer, and director of the American drama series, “Ruthless” Perry’s overall contract with Viacom/CBS allows for the production of the series. An offshoot of the BET show The Oval, it’s a spin-off of sorts.  It began on BET+ on March 19, 2020, for a total of 24 episodes.  The show will premiere on BET on February 23, 2021, following fresh episodes of The Oval. On March 11, 2021, Season 2 premiered. A cult following has formed around the show.

Ruthless Season 3 Release Date-

“Ruthless” premiered on BET+ on March 19, 2020, and aired through January 28, 2021. Each episode in Season 1 has a running time between 41 and 80 minutes.

Ruthless season 3

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Ruthless Season 3 Plot-

It’s not all Ruth’s fault that she learns the truth about the cult before the end of the first season. Members of the cult are becoming aware of the underlying flaws of the cult.

Ruth is obligated to defend her own interests, even if it means cancelling her trip. Consequently, River helps Ruth deal with The Highest by lending a hand. Although Andrew, Malcolm, and Sarah’s differences are becoming increasingly tense, Mack maintains command.

Whether or whether the show returns for a second season, the fallout from Ruth’s actions will be felt. Cult members appear to be on edge, which could result in interesting dynamics.

Ruthless Season 3 Cast-

Melissa Williams, who previously appeared on The Oval, takes the starring role in this film. In October 2020, new cast members were confirmed for the second season of the show. A recurring role for Kelvin Hair was announced for the show in March 2021.

  • Melissa L. Williams as Ruth Truesdale
  • Matt Cedeño as The Highest/Tyrone Lucket
  • Lenny Thomas as Dikhan
  • Yvonne Senat Jones as Tally
  • David Alan Madrick as Jay 
  • Baadja-Lyne Odums as Marva
  • Jaime M. Callica as Brian Rollins
  • Nirine S. Brown as Lynn
  • Blue Kimble as Andrew
  • Stephanie Charles as Sara

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Here is all the information we have about Season 2. Although no formal announcement has been made, it is highly likely that the show will return for a second season.

The intriguing storyline sounds promise in terms of future instalments. In March 2022, a second season of ‘Tyler Perry’s Ruthless’ will premiere.

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