Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga reveal the first video from their Cole Porter homage album ‘Love For Sale’


Just earlier this year it was announced that Tony Bennett and pop icon Lady Gaga are pairing up for a new album. And today they revealed the first video from their Cole Porter encomium album, “Love for Sale,”-  “I Get a Kick Out of You.”

There’s also been two sold-out Radio City Music Hall dates behind them and in February, it was revealed that Bennett had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s five years prior and these Radio City dates were booked as Bennett’s last New York shows.

The “I Get a Kick Out of You” video was filmed during recording sessions for the “Love for Sale” album at Electric Lady Studios in downtown New York City.

In the video, we get to see the familiar raspy voice of Bennett as he snaps his fingers and winks at his singing partner, Gaga. Lady Gaga, in turn, leans into Bennett often, resting her head on her friend and mentor’s shoulder. When Bennett says, “All set,” before the track’s introductory piano line, Gaga laughs and states, “Tony’s always ready.”

From there, Gaga begins to slowly trill the familiar line, “My story is much too sad to be told, but practically everything leads me totally cold.” When Bennett answers her call, by “fighting vainly the old ennui,” followed up by “Then, I see your fabulous face,” Gaga, jokingly asks Bennett, “Are you talking about me?”

From there the atmosphere completely changes into a magical moment as the rhythm of the video’s quick-paced edits. And as the song ends, with both vocalists singing in a harmonic union, Bennett simply adds, “Whoa,” at “Kick”s finale.

The collaborative “Love for Sale,” album, to be released on October 1,  and dunned as Bennett’s final recording, is the second album from the duo, following their 2015 chart-topper “Cheek to Cheek.” As per Variety, the Porter tribute album will include duets as well as solo selections from both Bennett and Gaga, and the “Love for Sale” cover graphic includes a photo of the Bennett holding up a sketch of Gaga in accordance with his other job as a visual artist.

The first night of the Radio City Music Hall date, August 3 – corresponding with Bennett’s 95th birthday, an audience rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ and was led by Gaga.

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