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A Recap of The Crown Season 5 Episode 9: What Made King Charles to Meet Princess Diana after their split up?

Not surprisingly, episode 9 had only two main characters: Prince Charles (Dominic West) and Princess Diana (Elizabeth Debicki), whose upcoming divorce shocked the country.

The chapter breaks down divorce cases, from an average couple to a famous couple, to show what it’s like to be separated from someone you were once married to. The Crown keeps making an impact, making people think, and being dramatic.

Season 5 of The Crown, Episode 9:

The fifth season’s ninth episode starts with a couple in divorce court talking about how their breakup has affected them emotionally. In Episode 9, we see how a divorce can hurt a family.

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Queen Elizabeth II writes to Princess Diana to tell her that she and Prince Charles need to end their marriage. She tells Diana how bad things are because of what she did.

When Diana reads the letter, she feels like it’s the end. When the Princess realized it was all over, it made her sad. But she is still famous, and the press follows her everywhere.

Diana has a list of conditions for Charles, such as where he will live and how much he will get paid. The Royal Family is now trying to fix the damage, and Charles feels stressed by what Diana wants.

While this is going on, the Queen asks Prime Minister John Major to help Diana and Charles get a divorce. John Major is happy to get the part, but his wife doesn’t seem to be pleased about it.

Camilla has a choice: she can give up on her relationship with Prince Charles, or she can marry him and gain legitimacy. Camilla has difficulty deciding because she never wanted to be called a Royal. She’s sure, though, that she can make Charles happy.

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John Major tells Charles that it’s possible that Diana wants to be set free because she wants to be independent. He tells Charles to be open to new ideas.

When John talks to Diana, he tells her that Charles has one rule: he can’t talk about the marriage or the monarch in public for one year. John is trying to make sure that both people who are getting divorced keep their dignity for their own good.

John tells Elizabeth what’s going on. She says that the whole divorce process is sad because their wedding was one of the biggest she has ever been to.

Charles and Diana agree on the terms of their divorce after a lot of paperwork, talks, and terms. Once everything is over, Elizabeth calls Charles to see if he’s okay. She tells him that Diana probably didn’t have it easy either. She seems to care about both sides.

Why did Charles go to see Diana after they had split up?

Charles makes a rare trip to Diana’s house. He doesn’t know why he went there. They talk to each other right away and even flirt a little.

All tension seems relieved. Charles says he didn’t tell her enough good things. He asks Diana if she’s found someone, but she tells him she has scared him away.


Charles is hungry, so Diana offers to make him dinner. She makes scramble eggs after trying to make an omelet. Charles asks Diana to tell him about how their marriage is going.

They both try to figure out why their marriage didn’t work and what they each need. Charles tells her that love has always been there, but it wasn’t the perfect kind of love.

The first thing that came to mind was that maybe they should have talked about this while they were married. Diana talks about Camilla and how she never had a chance because of her. She tells him that he might be good at something other than being King.

She thinks that Charles is unhappy because he is the heir to the throne. Charles argues with Diana and asks her why she married into the family if she didn’t want the same things.

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She asks him the same question backward. Charles tells Diana that his parents knew he loved someone else but that he was forced to marry Diana. A bad thing to say that ruins the whole conversation.

The talk turned into a back-and-forth of insults, which made Charles feel free and not make him feel bad about getting a divorce. He leaves Diana’s house, which makes her cry.

The divorce court is where The Crown season 5, episode 9 ends. We’ve seen this court more than once in this episode. “Couple 31,” which is Diana and Charles, is up next.

There are more journalists at this divorce hearing because it is more interesting. The divorce is over for good.

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