The body of the missing fisherman in Nova Scotia found

Fishermen from Canso, on the northeastern coast of Nova Scotia, report finding the body of the fisherman who has been missing since Tuesday.

Roger Stoddard had not been seen since the grounding of his boat, Fisherman’s Provider II, on a shoal, about 4 km from the coast of Canso.

The three crewmembers who were with him were rescued by another nearby fishing vessel, but Roger Stoddard did not want to leave the boat of which he was the captain.

Coast Guard and Canadian Army Search and Rescue research failed to locate him. Rescuers had approached Fisherman’s Provider II, but were unable to board and search it because of the swell.

Active searches had been abandoned and the file was assigned to the RCMP.

On Friday morning, a group of fishermen set out from the Canso wharf and went to the wreck. According to one of them, Steven Goreham, they managed to get on board and found Mr. Stoddard lifeless in his bunk, under the bridge.

They had to cut the bridge to extract the body from the wreckage, he said, and brought it back to the Canso wharf, where paramedics and gendarmes were waiting.