Stranger Things Season 4 Episode 7 Recap

Stranger Things Season 4 Episode 7 ‘The Massacre At Hawkins Lab’ Ending Explained In Details


Episode 7, “The Massacre at Hawkins Lab,” which was the longest episode of the series up to this point, brought us to the conclusion of the first volume of the fourth season of Stranger Things. Because so much takes place in this episode, as is customary, we will just discuss the most significant aspects of the storyline. Let’s get to it.

Stranger Things season 4, Episode 7 Recap

If you like massacres, this is the episode for you, because there are two of them and a big surprise that I’m happy to admit I was wrong about. Let’s take off the bandage. Peter is not made up or part of Eleven’s mind. He is a much more important character than most people think. Peter is Vecna.

I’m glad to tell you that Hawkins Team A saves Steve by getting there in time to beat the Demobats back to hell with two paddles and pure will. When Nancy, Robin, and Eddie jumped into the water to save Steve, they left the paddles behind. If we’ve learned anything from Stranger Things, it’s that anything can turn into a demon (dogs, bats, and, I assume because of Vecna, humans), and you can get anything you need in the Upside Down that you had in the, I guess, Right Side Up? The older ones go to Nancy’s house to get guns.

Except that Nancy’s guns are no longer in her shoeboxes when they get there. She looks at her diary and sees that the last entry was made in 1983. The day Will went missing is now in the past. She still doesn’t have her weapons. But Steve hearing Dustin behind the walls is making even stranger things happen. They try to talk to him, just like Will did because they know Dustin must be at Nancy’s house in the present.

Hawkins Team B is being questioned by the police and their parents at the same time. They want to know why Nancy and Eddie went to the lake, where a murder happened, and where they are. (In the show, we haven’t heard from Robin’s parents yet.) As Max is being questioned, Dustin and Lucus figure out that Vecna must be tapping into each victim’s mind very strongly and that every time he does, he opens a gate. The lights show Eddie’s SOS at that time. Dustin grabs the Lite-Brite Magic Screen. The 25-watt machine has a sensory effect that the older ones can see. They talk about the idea of multiple gates and then go to Eddie’s trailer.

Then there are Eleven and Hopper’s cases. The eight prisoners, including Hopper and Dmitri, are about to be fed to the Demodog, while Murray, Joyce, and the warden watch. (Their plan is to get Yuri into the prison by tying him up and dressing him up as Murray works.) They are told that they can’t move to get weapons until the buzzer goes off. Dmitri has the key, and when it works, he opens the box where they are kept. Hopper wraps a piece of cloth around a spear and soaks it in Russian vodka to make it look like a Christmas tree. When the Demodog comes out, it attacks quickly and kills the other six. While Hopper keeps the demon away, Murray pulls a gun on the warden, and Joyce opens the door so that the two can escape. Hopper then sees Joyce again, and Joyce hugs him.

Peter tells Eleven that Two and Three will be let out of their rooms to kill her while they are playing chess. Brenner knows, and he’s been telling her lies about it. They are angry because Brenner shocked Two with an electric neck collar to say that he attacked her the day before. Peter slides an access card under the table. She later gets away by telling an orderly that she has a headache, which makes the orderly take her to the nurse. She is about to run away when Peter tells her he can’t go with her because he has a tracker in his neck and Brenner will find them.

El can use brute telepathic force to pull it out of his neck. Once she does, they are about to run away when six military police show up and chase them. Once they are surrounded, Peter tells El that she doesn’t need to be scared anymore. He holds up his hand and sends five of the six guards against the concrete walls. Is that it? He cracks his own neck to hurt him. When they hide in the janitor’s closet, he tells El that he is like her and shows her his wrist.

He has a tattoo of the number 1.

At the trailer gate, Team Hawkins A and Team Hawkins B finally meet up. When both sides look up at each other, it makes for a powerful scene. Dustin makes a rope out of a pillowcase and throws it through the hole in the ceiling of the trailer. It floats right into and between both worlds, but it stays in place as if it were tied. Robin will start. As she walks into the Right Side Up, she trips and falls on the bed that the kids put there to break their fall. Eddie goes next because he isn’t a gentleman. As Nancy climbs through, she turns to fall, but her back hits Steve’s pool instead of Eddie’s dirty bed. The one where Barb died in the Upside Down.

Now we can see that Nancy is in a trance next to Steve, but she hasn’t crossed over yet. Vecna shows up, and Nancy sees her dead body of Barb. Vecna says that Nancy killed Barb because, instead of going home with her, she had sex with Steve instead of Barb. This doesn’t look like a sign of guilt, but Vecna is using Nancy’s guilt against her. So, if Nancy can convince herself that Barb’s death wasn’t her fault, can she beat Vecna?

Peter/Henry was the one who locked Eleven in the closet and killed everyone else in the lab, except for Brenner. She says no when he tries to take El with him. She’s not bad at all. She does well. They face each other. One has the upper hand, but Eleven channels her mother and overpowers One, throwing him through the two-way mirror and holding him against the wall.

Then, Eleven is to blame for everything that is going on in Hawkin. She starts to kill One by separating him almost atomically. Now that his center is turning red, we know what’s going on. By killing him, Eleven made the first doorway to the Upside Down, which was not what she had planned. When it’s over, all that will be left of One are the vines and the gate. But we see him float through the place where the Upside Down is, and he slowly changes into Vecna.

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