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Sippline Net Worth in 2022 After Get famous from Shark Tank India Revealed by Rohit Warrier


Having seen grime and lipstick smears on glasses when drinking water or other beverages in hotels or public locations, we know how frustrating it can be. This has the potential to have an influence on our health. Consequently, in order to address this issue, the Sippline Drinking Shield was developed, which is a sterile and reusable attachment that can be inserted into a drinking glass while drinking and allows one to sip without accidentally touching the glass.

Rohit Warrier is the founder and owner of the firm.

The firm has a market capitalization of Rs. 5 crore. A total of 1200 units have been sold to date. Raising awareness, marketing, and interacting with sales reps are all areas in which they are lagging behind the competition. Amazon is selling a clear pack of three for Rs.99, which is a reasonable price.

On Shark Tank India episode number 30, he addressed the panel with an offer of 75 lakh rupees in exchange for 15 percent of the company’s ownership.

Introduction to Sippline

Company name Sippline
Founder Rohit Warrier
Business Category Sterilized Glass Masks
Valuation Rs 5 Crores
Funding Asked Rs75 Lakhs for 15% Equity
Funding Given
TV Show Shark Tank India – EPISODE 30

What is Sippline? | Shark Tank India

Sippline Drinking Shield is an attachment that can be sterilised, reused, and taken with you. Glasses will be able to fit this on them. When you drink, your lips will not touch the glass (we have also demonstrated the same in the picture). To make people wear glasses, Sippline wants to make them do things like wear glasses.

Sippline’s Founder Rohit Warrier

They’re being mocked by Sippline’s founder, Rohit Warrier, who has now posted a video on social media that shows how many people are looking for Sippline online. According to the owner, the product that Ashneer called “waahiyat” in a rage on the show is now being sought out on social media a lot more than it was before.

Gross Profit and Sales of Sippline Drinking Shield

The value of the company is 5 crore rupees. There have been 1200 sales so far. They are behind when it comes to making people aware, marketing, and having problems with salesmen.

People who pitch come up with a deal: 75 lakh rupees for 15% of the company.

Counter offers Sippline Drinking Shield

All of the sharks were angry because this was a product that they didn’t think was useful. He was told what to do by Ashneer Grover. Aman and Ashneer walked away from the deal right after they asked for money. In the next few days, Anupam, Vinieet, and Namita walked away from the deal.

Final Offer for Sippline Drinking Shield

No Deals with the sharks.

Sharks review after hearing Pitch | Sippline Shark Tank India

Ashneer Grover

He announced that he had left the pitch and inquired as to what Rohit was up to. Ashneer even inquired if he was inebriated when he created this business, which is the first and last of its kind ever created in the world. Ashneer had never seen such a worthless product before, and he has no desire to see it again.

Aman Gupta

He hurries out after Ashneer, declaring that no one would want to use such a thing.

Vineeta Singh

She discovered the issue in the brand name “Sippline,” which has two ps, making it difficult to find on Google and other search engines.

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