Who is Rocsi Diaz Dating Now

Rocsi Diaz Relationship Status, Dating Timeline, Rumors and Who She Dating Now?


Find out who Rocsi Diaz is seeing. Where does 2021 find Rocsi Diaz and her boyfriend? The sun is shining and there is another stunning celebrity girl to learn about. Otakukart is back with complete coverage of Rocsi Diaz. The focus of this conversation will be on Rocsi’s romantic relationships.

How about her marital status? Is she seeing anyone at the moment? Whom she had known previously and what their relationship was like. If you want to learn more about your favorite celebrity, Otakukart is the place to go.

Love is a deep emotion. Everyone hopes to find their one true love. Sometimes people are fortunate enough to obtain their desires. This is not always the case. Idols of the small screen and big screen alike long for the love and companionship of a supportive mate. And since their lives are so chaotic, superstars rarely make sensible decisions.

As a result, their connections are typically intricate. Inquiring minds want to know what’s going on in everyone else’s lives. Perhaps because they aspire to lead such a life. Maybe it’s just the best of humanity. Today’s story was captivated by a lady named Rocsi. No need to guess anymore, I guess. First, we’ll go into the mystery of who exactly is Rocsi Diaz. In addition, her romantic involvement will be revealed. Finally, the relationships that Rocsi has developed thus far will be described.

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Who is Rocsi Diaz?

Simply Rocsi, or Raquel Roxanne “Rocsi” Diaz. This American TV and radio hostess hails from the United States. Rocsi is widely recognized for her role as co-host of the popular BET show 106 & Park. Besides working for E!, she also contributed as a correspondent.

rocsi diaz
Rocsi Diaz

Tegucigalpa, Honduras is the place of Rocsi’s birth. The actress spent her formative years in New Orleans, Louisiana, while being of Honduran and Chilean ancestry. Rocsi revealed her anorexia to the 106 & Park audience on July 30, 2009. Rocsi attended and completed high school at the West Jefferson Campus in Harvey, Louisiana.

Diaz participated in the 2000 season of MTV’s dread. The new Fox reality singing competition Alter Ego will premiere in 2021, with Rocsi Diaz serving as a presenter.

Rocsi Diaz and Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy, an actor, and comedian was Rocsi’s most notable lover. As of 2012, the pair remained still together despite the huge age difference (23 years).

Rocsi and Murphy were openly affectionate in public on a June 2012 coffee date. Rocsi beamed as Murphy nuzzled her face and murmured in her ear, and the two embraced each other.
Speculations about their relationship status were finally put to rest when they publicly acknowledged their relationship during a bash held in their honor before the BET Awards. Murphy’s family vacationed in Maui, Hawaii, and Diaz joined them, although they never acknowledged or denied their connection.

However, the couple’s relationship did not work out, and they split up just as their followers were beginning to take an interest in them. The actor reportedly broke up with the ex-host of BET’s 106 & Park because she grew too possessive.

Rocsi Diaz and Eddie Murphy
Rocsi Diaz and Eddie Murphy

A person close to the situation informed Bossip that the two were dating on the side but that Rocsi wanted something more serious. The information comes from the individual who claims that Rocsi was always inquiring about his whereabouts and the company of others by phone, text, and social media.

Because Murphy didn’t operate that way, he stopped answering her calls.

Rocsi Diaz’s Other Relationship

Before her relationship with Murphy, Rocsi was said to have been involved with actors Tyrese Gibson (2003-2006), David Bowens (2007), Michael Misick (2008), and Amar’e Stoudemire (2010).

Once she was connected to NBA great Shaquille O’Neal following a teasing conversation in an interview, and then to Bruno Mars.
As Rocsi was interviewing basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal for E! News’ Pop Daily program in 2019, O’Neal made a joke about her being in his direct messages. O’Neal’s “little fun flirting” talents became a topic of discussion after co-host Carissa Culiner urged him to demonstrate them.

And then O’Neal said, “Even though I’m Spanish, you know I enjoy that chocolate.” Diaz had been sending her direct messages with comments like that. He retorted, “Once you go Shaq, you never come back,” But in the end, it was only a game.

The man said he was joking and that she had not in fact committed the act attributed to her.

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Rumors about Rocsi Diaz: She Dating  Shaquille O’Neal

Diaz is currently unmarried, although she and Shaquille O’Neal joked about hooking up in 2019 on E! News’ Pop Daily segment. I’ll never be able to sit here and be sad and depressed as long as you’re here. I wanted you to know that she is continually sliding into my direct messages. As O’Neill put it. Diaz responded with an “Oh my goodness.” To speak the truth is, to tell the truth. You know what she says?” O’Neill joked. She says, “Even though I’m Spanish, you know I adore that chocolate.” In all seriousness. So I told him, “Once you’re taken off, you never go back.”

However, it was clear from his tone that he was kidding, and he never actually said that. Even so, the two had a palpable spark. It is my sincere desire that she soon meet the one who would complete her life. We hope that she stays well and finds success all the more. Have a wonderful day.

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