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Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Release Date Confirmed: Everything You Need To Know!

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Fans of the anime series The Rising of the Shield Hero were disappointed to learn that season 2 had been delayed, but a new release date has now been confirmed! It’s been more than three years since the infamous premiere of The Rising of the Shield Hero anime series in January of this year…

It’s a good thing that anime fans are known for their patience. However, it appears that fans’ patience will finally be rewarded, as the release date for the second season of the series was recently confirmed on the internet.

So, when will The Rising of the Shield Hero season 2 be released in theatres around the world, and why are fans so pumped about Naofumi and the company’s long-awaited return?

Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Release Date

The second season of the anime series The Rising of the Shield Hero will premiere in April 2022 as part of the Spring broadcasting schedule. It has not yet been determined when the film will be released. Fans should expect season 2 episode 1 to premiere on either Wednesday, April 6th, 2022, or Wednesday, April 13th, 2022 – depending on when the show first aired in Japan – according to the programming block from the first broadcast.

On a side note, the second season was originally scheduled to premiere in October 2021, but Kinema Citrus (the animation company behind the show) was forced to push the premiere back by two months due to scheduling conflicts.

Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Release Date
Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Release Date

Though the production team and associated distribution partners did not provide an explanation, it is likely that the delay was caused by the ongoing difficulties in Japan’s manufacturing sector as a result of the coronavirus pandemic that has affected the country.

There has been no word on how many episodes there will be in The Rising of the Shield Hero season 2 at the time of writing – the first season had 25 episodes at the time of writing.

Where to Watch Rising of the Shield Hero Online

According to the official website of the Japanese television series, The Rising of the Shield Hero season 2 will be simulcast on the Crunchyroll streaming service.

It is currently available on Crunchyroll and Funimation, with both services offering both subbed and dubbed versions of the show’s first season.

Neither platform offers a free trial period, with premium accounts on Crunchyroll costing £7.99 per month and Funimation costing £4.99 per month respectively.

The manga is also available on Apple TV, where users can buy individual episodes for as little as £1.99 per episode.

Unfortunately, Netflix and Amazon Prime only offer access to the series in a limited number of countries, with the majority of them being Asian countries – so don’t expect season 2 to be available on either service.

Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Cast and Staff

We expect the same voice cast and crew from season 1 to return for season 2, with the only difference being that Masato Jinbo will take over for Takao Abo as series director.

  • Naofumi Iwatani is played by Kaito Ishikawa (Langris from Black Clover)
  • Raphtalia is played by Asami Seto (Nobara from Jujutsu Kaisen)
  • Filo (Silica/Keiko Ayano from Sword Art Online) is played by Rina Hidaka.
  • Itsuki Kawasumi is played by Yoshitaka Yamaya (Tomohito Sugino from Assassination Classroom)
  • Fumiyuki Gou will serve as the sound director for the second season (Overlord)
  • Kevin Penkin (Tower of God) composed the music, which was produced by Kinema Citrus (Made in Abyss) and DR Movie (Onyx Equinox).

The new opening theme, “Bring Back,” will be performed by MADKID, and the new ending theme, “Yuzurenai,” will be performed by Chiai Fujikawa, both of whom are from Japan.

Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Plot

There has been no official release of a plot synopsis for “The Rising of the Shield Hero” Season 2 as of yet. In contrast, the official trailer appears to indicate that the upcoming season will unquestionably pick up where Season 1 left off. As part of the Season 1 finale, Naofumi battled Glass, a hero who is similar to the protagonist but who comes from another world and is known as the Fan Hero, in order to save the world. Glass reveals that she believes the Cardinal Heroes and the Waves are linked in some way, which she believes is true. She makes the decision to destroy the Cardinal Heroes because she believes that doing so will allow her to stop the hordes of monsters and, ultimately, save her world from destruction. We can safely assume that Glass will not be seen again in Season 2, despite her retreat at the end of the episode.

The continuation of Naofumi’s adventures outside of the kingdom is also likely to be seen in the future. Naofumi and the other heroes were initially unaware of the existence of other nations because the kingdom to which they were transported had kept it a secret from them. Furthermore, these other countries are dealing with the Waves and have not received any assistance. Following the announcement by Naofumi of his intention to leave the kingdom by the end of the first season, we’ll most likely get to see how the rest of this parallel world has been holding up.

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Rising of the Shield Hero Season 2 Trailer

Having endured such a long period of anticipation, we are extremely eager to find out what happens next in The Rising of the Shield Hero! Maintain a close eye on this page for updates throughout the series’ run.

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