ozark season 4 episode 10 recap

Ozark Season 4: ‘You’re The Boss’ Episode 10 Recap

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Ozark Season 4 Episode 10 ends with two big changes. Both show people in Wendy Byrde’s family. Both have to be done. As far as I can tell, they couldn’t be any more different. John Shiban and Melissa Hickey make a great connection here by showing us how a good person dies, then how a bad person kills.

In the beginning, we’ll see Tom Pelphrey back as Wendy’s brother Ben. His last hours are shown in a flashback. We see how he realized his sister had left him, how he was caught by a hitman from the Navarro cartel and killed by Nelson, how he made peace with his death and kept walking toward it, and how in his last moments, he told himself it was all a dream. Along the way, he says sorry to Nelson for making him have to be a killer. Also, tell his sister that he’s sorry and that he’s sorry for what he’s done. If she’d be proud of him for how he’s handling the end of his life. He seems to think that she would.

In the middle of an empty building, he’s told to kneel on a tarp and be shot.

Take a look at how Marty Byrde rose to power in the Navarro cartel and how Ben died. At first, it’s kind of funny to see him take his mild-mannered persona and put it on a whole new level with lethal cartel lieutenants. He complains about financial discrepancies as if he were the real manager that he really is.

Ozark Season 4 Episode 10
Ozark Season 4 Episode 10

But then Omar Navarro almost gets stabbed to death in prison, which makes Marty have to do something. In the beginning, Marty told people that Omar killed his assassin and is alive and well. After that, he told people that a lieutenant named Cabrera had been cooking Marty’s books. The dungeon of the Navarro palace is where Marty orders him to be imprisoned. He eventually waterboards a confession out of him, but you get the sense that even Marty knows it’s a lie, that he’s sentencing an innocent man to death just to look tough and keep his power base safe.

Cabrera is very unlikely to have ordered the hit. My money is on Camila, Omar’s sister and the mother of the late Javi Elizondo, who she believes, thanks to Marty’s lies, was killed on Omar’s orders. But he has to die so that Marty can live. When Marty is dressed in business clothes, this is not the kind of thing he should be doing, and it doesn’t go well with the way he acts. When it comes to this, he’s not good at it. It’s too late for him to stop.

Most of the rest of the episode is about Wendy’s continued schemes. Sitting as acting sheriff, Deputy Wycoff (Brad Carter) is set up on Ruth Langmore to stop her from getting Darlene’s heroin to Shaw Pharmaceuticals. With the help of a local mob boss, Ruth works around this.

Wendy also tries to make up with Jim Rattlesdorf, her political fixer, who is still traumatized by his own fight with Javi. It doesn’t really matter what she does to get him back on her side. Shaw hasn’t given the Byrde Family Foundation money, so no big donors will go near her. When Nathan sees Deputy Wycoff interrogating her grandson, Jonah, he starts to wonder about Jonah, too. Nathan is still looking for Ben.

One thing I can’t figure out is why Omar Navarro’s favorite priest, Father Benitez, is in the room. He seems to know a lot about important cartel business, like when Cabrera is killed and when the cartel is going to kill him. In other words: He tells Marty that he is there because he thinks that God is most needed there. He also tries to talk Marty out of his idea that love is mostly transactional rather than unconditional. You think Benitez and Ben, who forgave his killers even though one of them was his own sister, would have had a great time together. That’s love that doesn’t change. And around here, there isn’t much of it.

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