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‘Ozark Season 4’ Episode 8 Recap – “The Cousin Of Death” Recap


Ozark is an American crime drama streaming TV show that was made for Netflix by Bill Dubuque and Mark Williams. It was made by MRC Television and Aggregate Films, two companies that make movies and TV shows. A married couple named Marty and Wendy Byrde move their family to the Lake of the Ozarks so they can hide money.

Jason Bateman and Laura Linney star in the show, which is called The Lake of the Ozarks. For the TV show, Bateman is also a director and a producer. When the first season came out in 2017, it came out on July 21, 2017. The second season came out in 2018, and the third came out in 2020. This is how the first three seasons work: Each one has 10 episodes. There will be a 4th and final season in June 2020, with 14 episodes split into two parts. The first part was released on January 21, 2022, while the second was released on April 29, 2022.

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‘Ozark Season 4’ Episode 8 Recap:

One of Julia Garner’s strongest moments starts with “The Cousin of Death,” still hurting from Wyatt’s death. Keep in mind that she didn’t simply hear about the tragedy; she found the victims. We see a flashback to a time when Wyatt and Ruth were playing “Name the Opening Track” on famous albums such as The Chronic, The Black Album, and even Red while she was driving and weeping. It’s one of those pleasant recollections of a simple day that pop into your head after losing someone you care about. A future in which Wyatt built a swimming pool in front of his lakeside mansion because that’s what affluent people do, is also a period when they anticipated a future that would never come true. Garner perfectly captures the initial, overpowering pain in this piece of writing.

While Ruth and Javi are the main focus of this episode, this scene is one of just a handful that isn’t centered around them. Marty receives a phone call from Javi telling him to clean up his messes and set up a meeting with Claire in Chicago for the following week. “When she killed Del, my uncle should have done what I did,” he tells Marty, referring to the first season finale. Considering Darlene Snell signed her death certificate so long ago, Ozark has always been intrigued by how such significant events echo through society. In order to keep Shaw and the Foundation’s work alive, Wendy believes that they must warn Javi. Marty is aware that Ruth’s death would be a result of this. He still cares more about her than Wendy does. It’s possible that it’ll be his undoing.

On her trip, Ruth uses songs from Illmatic, starting with “N.Y. State of Mind,” as she transitions from sadness to rage. Javi’s whereabouts are the first thing Charlotte tells Jonah about when she asks him for aid. Moreover, Jonah provides her with a photo of Javi from his work yearbook so that she might recognize him. As soon as Javi returns, Wendy makes a frantic attempt to enlist the support of the Byrdes. She tells Ruth that he has gone home and won’t be returning for months. That doesn’t stop Ruth from pretending to believe her. Wendy is becoming more transparent with each passing day.

Ruth is listening to “Represent” while she drives to Kansas City to obtain a new license plate and a piece of Javi’s extravagance. She has a strategy in mind. Plugging Javi into her car is merely a vision she has as she drives to Chicago (and a rock star parking spot). When Marty contacts her, he attempts to convince her to reconsider. The vast disparities between Marty and Wendy are highlighted by a well-chosen tempo here. Marty simply has greater faith in Ruth. And he really does care about her well-being. On the verge of taking severe action once more, Marty appears poised to persuade her out of it. Almost. The song “Life’s a Bitch” begins. Yes, it is.

The next day, Javi phones his mother and tells her he’ll be home in two days to do the job his brother left undone. In two days, a lot can happen. Ruth arrives in Chicago, and Javi’s fate begins to unravel. When she initially dials Three’s number, he begs her to come home, even joking that Wyatt would be furious. When Ruth hears Cade arguing with her mother, it brings up memories of when she was a little girl. She and Wyatt spend the night outside, on the roof.

While pumping coffee and Nas, she sees Killer Mike of Run the Jewels, a band that Ozark has frequently employed. Even though RTJ and Mike rule the roost, this is a corny cameo. This scene’s conversation seems a little stale. It’s a good time to talk about Nas’ upbringing in the Queen’s slums, where he had a front-row seat to Manhattan’s grandeur as he grew up. If he knew it would result in Illmatic, would he still exchange all of that pain? Ruth is fed up with staring at the likes of Wendy and Javi across the river. She’s relying on Nas’ music and his story to inspire her to take action.

Ruth learns through Charlotte that the Javi/Shaw meeting would begin at 10 a.m. the next morning and sees the Byrdes arrive. As long as he receives stock options from Shaw Medical, Javi agrees to a contract and a price decrease at Clare Shaw. Javi has had enough of being kept in the shadows. This episode, in many ways, connects Javi and Ruth. He’s on the opposite side of the river, too, fed up with being regarded as a slur. While in journalism school, he had a professor who treated him like a second-class citizen, but now they’re dining on his dime. Then he informs Marty that he wants Omar’s children’s property.

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Marty must keep Ruth’s whereabouts a secret if he spots her outside. Instead, he decides to phone her and see if he can persuade her otherwise. In the midst of looking at houses, he has no idea that she is sending messages to a long-dead Wyatt and experiencing visions of shooting the Byrde family.

Later, Javi shares a meal with his former professor, which serves as an important flashback for delving further into his thoughts and feelings. In order for Javi to donate to the university, the professor stipulates that the contribution must be anonymous. This is a slur. He wants Javi’s money, but he doesn’t want the notoriety that comes with it. After receiving the check, the professor heads to the bathroom, and Javi joins him. On his way out of the bathroom, Javi offers to donate $2 million, but he insists that his name be placed on a building or that the contribution is made anonymously. As soon as he has made up his mind, he flushes the man’s head down the toilet. When it comes to Javi, he’s had enough of being overlooked.

With no warning, Ruth interrupts a family meal to demand that everyone attend to Claire’s workplace. As they return to “Represent,” Wendy frantically scans the backseat for Ruth. When they arrive, Marty tries to appeal to her humanity. He used to be her favorite person to listen to talk to, and she remembers how the Bytes would rip apart anything in their path while still making it seem as if they cared. The Byrdes’ decision to leave Chicago is a crucial plot point in Ozark, and it’s something that’s woven throughout the entire film. But she saves the worst for Wendy, whom she brands “fucking soulless” and a predator with “no conscience.” Observing Marty’s insincere expressions of concern, she becomes more depressed. “You actually think everything you do is to protect your family?!” is the defining sentence in this story. Wendy, in particular, utilizes this excuse. It’s been debatable for some time now whether or not this is true. Wendy’s cruelty is on full display as she calls Javi and attempts to entice him into the trap. “Great! I hope to see you again soon! Put some ice cubes in some Champagne, please!” Chilling.

When Javi enters the office, there is silence. He is shot three times by Ruth, who emerges from hiding. As she heads out the door, the score rises. Ruth weeps in the parking garage while Marty and Wendy clean up. On the roof where she spent so much time with Wyatt, there’s an image of her all by herself. She’s put an end to thinking about him.

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At The Ending:

Episode 8’s ending is quite chilling. The transformation of Marty in this series and the subsequent leveling of Wendy in later seasons were obvious. Ruth has reached a certain point in her character growth. The people who claim to love her are making her a monster. Character development is crucial in TV. Episodes like these are the result of character development.

Wendy gets tired of Ruth’s back and forth, so she calls Javi to claim that Clare has given her stock options.

Javi arrives at Clare’s office and, as he introduces himself, Ruth does not hesitate. Javi is killed when Ruth pulls the trigger several times. Ruth then looks at Wendy and Marty before she walks away. She is followed by the camera as she enters the parking lot. Her world is dark. There is only darkness. Once filled with hope, a young woman. She sobs as she gets into her car. It doesn’t stop the pain. It does not stop you from grieving. She briefly recalls the tranquility of the Ozarks, before she drives away and listens to hip-hop, her tears still soaking in her eyes.

Episode 8 of season 4 was a memorable episode for Ozark. It is unforgiving, yet honest about its characterful progression.

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