Marc Jacobs shares updates while undergoing a facelift surgery

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Marc Jacob recently got a facelift and shared updates with fans regarding his recovery. He posted a photo of himself and his head was seen wrapped in gauze. His photo was of the New York City office of Dr. Andrew Jacono.

“Yesterday. @drjacono #f*ckgravity #livelovelift” wrote Jacobs in the caption.

June Ambrose, Costume Designer -Creative Director of PUMA wrote under the post “❤️ The transparency is everything! Snatch it darlinggggg! Happy healing” supporting Jacobs.

He also shared a photo of himself on Friday in an oxygen tank at Hyperbaric Medical Solutions, where he recovered from his surgery.

He wrote, “Getting my oxygen on. Hyperbaric Medical Solutions @HMSHBOT #doctorsorders #feeltheal #yesIamokay #he’sgotthatBenjaminButtons #roadtorecovery” He assured his fans and friends that he is okay through this post.

Jacobs revealed the finished product on Saturday, posting a selfie, “Three days after. Ready for lewks. Thank you @drjacono,” he captioned the snap, including the hashtags: “#someswelling #somebruising #andawholelotofsnatchedtightness … #buhbyeturkeyneck #buhbyejowls”

Jacobs has previously in 2010 spoken about plastic surgery’s stating he is not against it at all. “I look at Tom [Ford] and he looks great,” he told GQ. “Whatever he’s doing works for him. And I don’t know if he does anything, but I’m not opposed. Whatever makes me feel good, I want more of.”

He also previously had to have work done on his nose following as he ran in a glass door, admitting of his post-op face, “I thought, this is so hot.”

As per PEOPLE,  Jacobs opened up last year about how lockdown and the COVID-19 pandemic encouraged him to be “unashamed” to be himself as he launched his YouTube beauty vlog.

“If [there’s] one thing I’ve learned early on in quarantine: Why not? Why not paint your face? Why not get dressed? Why not parade around in your underwear? Why not dance naked?” he mused in the video. “Why not enjoy this time that I have? Why not be me and be unafraid to be me and be unashamed and excited to be me?”

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