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Lolita Controversy: Fans Say That Madison Beer Is Finished Because Of The ‘lolita’ Controversy.

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Social media makes it possible for fans to talk to their favorite celebrities in ways that weren’t possible before. Many people use their platforms to stay in the public eye, but singer Madison Beer’s online words may have gotten her into trouble that can’t be fixed.

If you checked Twitter on June 15, you might have seen that the hashtag #MadisonBeerIsOverParty was popular. The “Selfish” singer became famous when Justin Bieber tweeted a link to one of her songs when she was only 13. She upset her fans when she seemed to praise the pedophilia storyline in Vladimir Nabokov’s book Lolita.

Due to the popularity of “cancel culture” online, stars like Madison are used to getting backlash on Twitter.

What is the Madison Beer Lolita dispute all about? Find out which of her original tweets got people talking and what she said in her apology by reading on.

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What is Madison Beer’s ‘Lolita’ Controversy?

The singer of “Dear Society” caused a stir on social media when she talked about how much she liked the book Lolita in an Instagram live video.

The main character of the controversial book is an adult who can’t be trusted to tell the story. His name is Humbert Humbert, and he has a sexual obsession with his 12-year-old stepdaughter, Dolores Haze.

Since it came out in 1955, the book has been a source of disagreement because many people think it could be used to praise pedophilia. Madison has said in the past on the Internet that her favorite book is Lolita because she likes “dark stories.”

Madison answered questions from her fans during her Instagram live, which has since been taken down.

One fan asked, “Please tell me you don’t romanticize Lolita.” “Yes, I do,” Madison said, “but we’re not going to talk about that.”

Soon after, a screen recording of the conversation made its way to Twitter, where many people started talking about how Madison felt about the book.

In a series of tweets from June 15 that have since been deleted, Madison said that she liked the book more because it showed a “taboo relationship.”

“I said I find it romantic because, to me, it’s about a relationship that’s against the rules, not about the age. I just think that’s how it sounds, “Newsweek says she wrote. “The movie takes a very different approach, and I like the plot. I would never agree with pedophilia, you guys. That story and book are made up.”

Madison then went on to defend her position by talking about how she looked up to Hannibal Lecter, the serial killer who ate people, from The Silence of the Lambs.

“I have also said that I have a crush on Hannibal Lecter. Who plays a killer in a movie? He’s a made-up character in a movie. In real life, I don’t romanticize KILLERS like it’s a fake made-up thing “she wrote in a tweet that has since been deleted.

These tweets widely contributed to the #MadisonBeerIsOverParty trend. Following the backlash, Madison deleted her defense of the novel, and she later issued an apology.

Madison Said She Was Sorry And That She “Would Never Agree With Wrong Relationships.”

Madison’s original platform was to defend how she romanticised Lolita, but she later changed her mind and said she was sorry.

“I’m sorry and I love you. I was wrong, and I would never agree with any kind of inappropriate relationship. I’m really sorry if it seems like I don’t care. let me make it clear — I do not. Have a nice evening, “On June 15, she sent a tweet.

A fan said on Twitter that Madison should be more careful about what she posts about her feelings and opinions because she has such a big following on social media.

“Just be careful with what you say, you know. Because of your platform, you have to think even longer before you speak,” the user wrote.

Madison said yes.

“Yes, and I need to be more aware of how other people feel, and I’m sorry. I have no desire to hurt anyone.”

It’s safe to say that Madison might not share her book suggestions with anyone else again.

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