Lincoln Lawyer Season 1 Episode 10 Recap

Lincoln Lawyer Season 1 Episode 10 Recap, Spoiler & What Does The Ending Really Mean?


The Lincoln Lawyer Season 1, Episode 10 Spoilers

Mickey holds his own, but McSweeney kicks him in the a*s. Or, as he is more well known, jury number seven. When Detective Griggs and his companions arrive, he is ready to be tossed from the cliff. Haller kicks McSweeney in the stomach when he raises his hands in the air. He falls to his death after stumbling backward.

At the motel, Lorna meets Gloria Dayton, the hooker who may be able to establish Menendez’s innocence. Lorna tells her about how she dropped out of law school after being sexually harassed by one of her professors. She, however, does not have it and departs. However, she appears in Haller’s office, so it must have worked. Mickey and Lorna do an interview with her. She reveals that the day before she was set to testify, a vice policeman named Linda Perez paid her a visit to the hotel where Mickey had put her up. Because she was caught up in a bust where she was working for a party with some drug traffickers, the police informed her that if she testified, she would be charged with intent to distribute cocaine.

Haller rushes to Detective Griggs, apparently hoping to heal ties and ease his guilty conscience, which has suddenly doubled. He wants him to respond to questions not only concerning Perez but also about Detective Kyle Winters. You see, it’s all about the one. The person who is innocent yet is incarcerated. Perez was refused a promotion twice, according to Haller’s “frenemy,” so Winters must have had her scare his witness when he had her bully him. Whether it’s a quid pro quo or not, Griggs quickly reprimands him and informs him that he doesn’t conduct investigations against officers.

Griggs has to reprimand someone now that he has reprimanded Haller. He pays Trevor a visit and informs him that if something happens to him or his family, he has written down everything Elliott did and that it will be revealed. Mickey is told by the assassin that he is paranoid. He had nothing to do with it and should speak with someone about it. He then leaves to introduce Parallax Games, his firm. Carol Dubois, one of Jan’s many mistresses, shoots Trevor Elliott twice in the chest a minute after he makes his statement.

Why couldn’t Glory testify in court with Menendez?

Gloria Dayton testifies for Mickey that the man who attacked her told her that he was the one who killed Martha. He wasn’t named Jesus Menendez. The man was left-handed and had a tattoo of Japanese writing on his left arm. Mickey’s client, on the other hand, is neither left-handed nor has a tattoo. Mick is not finished. He asks Perez to come to the front. She says that she was camping in Big Bear with her family. Then why is she on the videotape at the hotel where Gloria was staying in the service elector?

We call this lying.

Perez and her lawyer take a break. She later says that she went to the hotel and testified that a fellow cop asked her to do it because Menendez was guilty. But when it was time to point out the man in blue, it wasn’t Winters but Detective Lankford, who has been helping Maggie put Soto in jail. After he talked to Griggs, Haller went to Maggie’s office and looked so sick. He knew that doing this would hurt their new friendship.

He was right, though. She goes to Haller’s office later and tells him that she thinks he messed up his case. It wasn’t because it hurt Soto’s career, but because he can now go free and keep selling young women. Maggie tells him that she won’t be okay with this for a long time. Mick tells her that he will wait, and he looks very sad. “Please don’t,” she tells him. She was right, though. A few weeks later, when Robert Cardone is in charge, he drops the Soto case and gives Maggie “freeway therapy,” which is a term used by therapists to help people deal with their fears. In this case, Cardone is making the fall less scary.

Even so, Maggie called the U.S. Attorney’s office, and after the local state’s case was dropped, they arrested Soto.

What Does The Ending Really Mean?

The Lincoln Lawyer season 1’s ending ties together ideas about corruption and what justice looks like inside and outside of the system. During season 1, the system doesn’t work. Elliott is guilty, but he doesn’t go to jail. Menendez is innocent, but he was found guilty at first. Even though Soto is guilty, the case is being dropped. It turns out that people at every level of the justice system were involved in the mistake. So, the series gave justice outside of the legal system that couldn’t be done through the legal system. By killing Elliott, DuBois did what was right for Riaz.

McPherson made sure that Soto was tried by the FBI to do right by her witness. Haller hired Cisco and Lorna to find justice for Jesus Menendez in ways that were not typical. The Lincoln Lawyer is a show about justice with a lawyer, but it’s not about law and order, as the season 1 episode “The Brass Verdict” shows.

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