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Levi Roots Net Worth 2022: Income, Career, Restaurant, And More Details

Celebrity Net Worth

Levi Roots is a British-Jamaican musician, TV personality, celebrity chef, and businessman. He is famous for having a taste for the Caribbean. he is the world’s most wealthy Caribbean chef. Levi Roots is his name. For his food, people know him. He says he is a musician by heart.

He is also very good at being a musician. On June 24, 1958, he was born in Jamaica. His journey took him to almost every country in the world, but he didn’t stop there. Then, when he was 11, his family moved to England. He moved with them. When he was 22, he decided to leave the church.

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Levi Roots: Net Worth 2022

Levi Roots’ musical career especially in comparison to his firm growth. He exceeded everyone’s expectations after receiving €50,000 in investment from Dragons’ Den moguls Peter Jones and Richard Farleigh. The production of Reggae Reggae Sauce enabled the growth of his brand, which was worth €30 million by 2010.

Since then, his musical career has taken off, landing him more roles and television interviews. He has appeared on Celebrity Mastermind, Big Brother, Death in Paradise, and Anuvahood in addition to hosting Caribbean Food Made Easy. Levi Roots’ net worth is £45 million, according to our Source.

Personal Life Details

Roots revealed on BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs that his relationship with his father was difficult because his father was “a bit of a stranger.” “My brothers and sisters all went to school before they left Jamaica, but as the youngest, I never got any education while I was there,” he explained. “I think I disappointed him a little.” Roots are the father of eight children by seven different mothers. A better source is required Roots has previously served time in prison for drug offenses.

Levi was recently appointed Chair of Bristol’s St Pauls’s Carnival.

Levi Roots Wife And Kids Details

Levi Roots’ personal life has always been hard to talk about with the rest of the world. On the street, people said that he had eight kids from seven different women. He didn’t pay child support until two of his daughters called him out. They also said that he didn’t have enough money to have fun.

According to the Source, his two daughters, Joanne Caesar and Sharlene Williams helped him make a lot of money. They helped him run his restaurants and even made some of the background vocals for some of his song ads. The bad news is that after he became famous, they didn’t hear from him anymore.

A picture of an Instagram post by the Rastafarian singer said a different thing about the story. It showed that his wife, Leya, and his son Danai were living in the United States. His family also lived there. They all looked happy and close, which was not what his daughters said.

Restaurants And Locations Information

Levi took advantage of all the attention he was getting by setting up a Caribbean-themed restaurant that was a franchise business. His first was the Papine Jerk Center, which opened in 2010. It was on the Winstanley Estate in Battersea, Clapham Junction, and it opened in 2010. For unknown reasons, Roots closed its doors in 2012, even though it served food to Thames Christian College, a nearby school.

Soon after, the Rastafarian singer opened up another restaurant called The Caribbean Smokehouse in Westfield Strafford City, which serves Caribbean food. Like the first, it shut down its business in 2019 because it didn’t make money off of its fame. There were many Trinidadian dishes on the menu at the “Restaurant,” which was what he called it. There were Bajan fish cakes, coconut chicken curry, coco bread, and many more!

It is the only restaurant he owns. He worked with The Restaurant Group to set up a fast-food kitchen delivery plan that he can use. Uber Eats has it in 12 cities across the UK now.

Books and Television

Levi Roots wrote a cookbook called Reggae Reggae Cookbook in 2008. It had a foreword by Roots’ investor, Peter Jones. In the book, Roots tells how he came to London and how to cook Caribbean food.

When Roots released his recipe book, he appeared on the 3 June 2008 episode of BBC’s Ready Steady Cook as a guest star. He came in second place against Lesley Waters, who was first in her class.

It was on BBC2 and there was a book with the same title that came out in August 2009.

Roots went to the UK and Jamaica to show people how to make Caribbean food at home.

During Celebrity Mastermind in 2010, Roots came in second with 13 points, making him the second person on the show. Big Brother was another show where he cooked a Caribbean barbecue for the other housemates. This isn’t the only movie where Roots made a cameo appearance. He also played himself in the 2011 urban comedy Anuvahood. On 22 February 2018, he starred in the eighth episode of the BBC’s Death in Paradise. He played Billy Springer, and he did a good job of it

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