Legendary musician Sanford Clark; The man who shaped Presley and Keith Richards, passes away at 85

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Rockabilly artist Sanford Clark, who influenced legends like Elvis Presley and Keith Richards, dies of Covid19 at the age of 85. Clark was born on Oct. 24, 1935, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and raised in Phoenix, where he first began performing in the early 1950s. 

Samford Clark is known for his 1956 hit “The Fool,” this music secured its position at no.7 on the Billboard top 100 in the same year as the release of this song. The singer and guitarist took his last breath on the Fourth of July at Mercy Hospital in Joplin, Missouri. He was receiving his cancer treatment there before he was exposed and contacted to coronavirus.  

This famous song “The Fool” was featured on screen in the Academy Award-winning movie Dallas Buyers Club, and it has also been covered by several celebrated artists one of which was Elvis Presley himself.  He debuted with this song along with writer/producer Lee Hazelwood.  

He has given many other songs such as, “Calling all hearts” which was featured onscreen on tv shows, episodes of Nashville and Its always sunny in Philadelphia, and “Bad Case of You” which appeared in two episodes of transparent.  

His publicist Johnny Vallis said, “You can hear that he’s trying to emulate Sanford’s sound,” he added, “You know, most people I know want to impersonate Elvis, and here Elvis was trying to impersonate him.” He was indeed a great star if a legend like Elvis Presley tries to copy impersonate him.  

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