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Lance Kerwin Net Worth 2023: How Much Money Has the Versatile Actor Made in His Professional Journey?

Lance Kerwin, who played Salem’s Lot, died at age 62, and his daughter Savannah Kerwin wrote on Facebook on January 25, 2023. After making his acting debut as a teenager, the TV star of the 1970s left behind a considerable fortune and a lasting legacy. Scroll down to learn more about the late star’s money and career.


Lance Kerwin Net Worth

At the time of his death, Lance was worth between $1 million and $14 million, according to different sources. His father, who was an acting coach, and his mother, who was a talent agent, gave him a little push to start acting. In the early 1970s, Emergency!, He got his first acting jobs at the Healers, Shazam!, and The Greatest Gift. Savannah told people on social media that her father had died. The actor from “Outbreak” also had four children: Fox, Terah, Kailani, and Justus. There was no immediate cause of death found.

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Lance Kerwin Career Achievements

Lance Kerwin grew up in Lake Elsinore, which is in California. Kerwin’s father was an acting teacher, and he would bring scripts home for his son to read. His mother was also a performer and later worked as an agent for performers.  In The Loneliest Runner, a made-for-TV movie from 1976 written and directed by Michael Landon, Lance played a young John Curtis. In 1977, he played James Hunter in the TV shows James at 15 and James at 16. In the years that followed, Lance got the chance to be in the movie Salem’s Lot, which changed his life. “When I came in, I had ideas, which was one of the reasons they liked me for the part,” the actor said in an interview in October 2019.

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“I didn’t have to audition, but I came in and met with them. And we’d talk about the film and the character. And, you know, I had my own ideas.” Throughout the 1980s, he kept working as an actor, appearing in shows like Trapper John, MD, Murder, She Wrote, The Mysterious Stranger, Side Show, and more. Lance got a few acting jobs in the 1990s, but then he left the entertainment industry and started working for the U-Turn for Christ ministry in California and Hawaii.

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Final Words

Lance Kerwin, who was in the TV show “James at 15” and the Stephen King miniseries “Salem’s Lot” as the teen who becomes a vampire hunter (Mark Petrie), died on Jan 25 in San Clemente, California. Lance was worth between $1 million and $14 million

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