Kanye West and Irina Shayk put an end to their two-month-old romance


Kanye West and Irina Shayk were seen hanging out and did enjoy a whirlwind romance for two months. The American rapper and musician, 44, and supermodel Irina Shayk have decided to go their separate ways.

Kanye is presently working on his new ‘Donda’ album and is single again reported People magazine.

The two-month-old relationship between West and Shayk has certainly gotten so much buzz ever since the two were first spotted together in June. sources told People that their romance has come to an end. “It was never a serious thing that took off,” one source told the outlet. “Kanye has been busy working and spending time with his kids. This is his focus. He doesn’t have time to date right now. He finds Irina amazing though,” a second source explained. “They remain friendly.”

“She seems smitten,” a source told People when Kanye and Irina were first spotted when the pair took a trip to Villa La Coste in France for the rappers’ 44th birthday. “He invited her to France and she happily accepted. They are not officially dating, but there is an interest from both sides.”

A different source had told the outlet later in June that things were heating up, and that the two were planning to date long distance. “Kanye will continue to be L.A.-based. He has no plans to move to NYC,” the source explained. “He is very focused on business in L.A. too. He likes spending time with Irina and plans to see her soon again.”

Kanye’s ex-wife Kim Kardashian knew about the rapper’s romance “for weeks”. “It doesn’t bother Kim that Kanye is dating. Her only concern is their kids,” a source had told People. “She wants Kanye to be present and spend as much time with them as possible…Kim doesn’t want a new girlfriend to distract Kanye from spending time with the kids.”

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