Jennifer Lopez expertly dodges the host Hoda Kotb’s question regarding ex fiance Ben Affleck


While on a virtual interview with Lin-Manuel Miranda, Jennifer Lopez shrewdly dodges a question regarding her love life! While discussing the re-releasing of her charity single with Lin-Manuel Miranda “Love Make the World”, a song which was released in 2016 in honour of the victims of the mass shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando which will avail onePulse Foundation.

While recalling performing with Lopez, Miranda stated “It’s the five-year anniversary of the Pulse tragedy, so we figured on the anniversary to rerelease the single, which we really released out of a desire to do something in the face of this tragedy.”

However, host Hoda Kotb told Lopez that she looked happier and mentioned recent photos with actor Ben Affleck. And then proceed to ask “Are you happier?” However, Lopez proved that she can smoothly dodge any question! Lopez then proceeds to talk about the re-release of the song brightly “The song is out, five years since we’ve done it. And I believe that that message of loving one another and coming together and love is never more relevant than it is right now.”

And the interviewer was baffled! “Wait, it’s me you’re talking to, you know that,” Kotb replied. And Lopez cheekily replied “I know,” “You can call me. You have my number!” So Smooth! 

Ben Affleck and Lopez recently called it quits with Ana de Armas and Alex Rodriguez respectively this year. To give a little timeline of Affleck and Lopez’s relationship, the duo started dating in 2002 and got engaged in November of the same year and postponed it to 2003 and eventually spilt in 2004.

 Lopez’s 2002 album This Is Me…Then, was regarding her relationship with Ben and when asked about the same, Lopez stated that  “The name of that album was ‘This Is Me… Then.’ That was a moment. When you go back and hear that, you hear the purity and the love there,”  (referring to the album released around the time she was first in a relationship with Affleck.) “And I think that’s why people went back as they saw different things happening in my life now and they go, ‘Wow, really?’ And I think it gave people hope.” 

“Some things do last forever,” she added.

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