Jeffrey Preston Bezos stepped down from the position of CEO of his founded Multi-Trillion Dollar company Amazon on Monday and gave the reign to Andy Jassy. The $1.7 trillion dollar empire was given away by Jeff Bezos, so he can now concentrate and explore the new lessons about space.  

The world’s richest man with a net worth of $200 billion dollars according to Forbes started his career as a very normal student. In late 1993, Bezos decided to establish an online book store which he started on July 5 in his garage. He named the online book store Amazon and the rest is history. His story has definitely been a roller coaster ride for him and an ultimate influence for us. Let us take a look at the top 10 quotes by Jeff Bezos.


It is impossible for a bird to learn how to fly by just staying in the egg and in order to learn that they need to spread their wings and try to fly in the open sky.

You are that bird who cannot sit back in 4 walls and expect to know and learn talents and you have to make your own way out of that box that is keeping you in. You have to invent your way out. Well said, by him.


Never be too blinded by success that you fail to see the peace in the family. jeff indicates here that simplicity in life is very important, and that he is an evident enjoyer of the simpler and the more beautiful things in life.

Reaching the heights of success in the professional aspect of life should never come in the way of the happiness of the personal life.


This is for the aspiring businessmen and businesswomen out there, never focus on competitors. Even in little things in life if you focus on competitors not only will you be unhappy but also unsuccessful. It will never allow you to cross the limitations, it will restrict you to a certain limit, and you will never be able to create new rules and policies.

Focusing on your own product and service will help you to achieve a thriving buisness. ‘A happy customer is the one true mantra for a successful business.

Ans, we very well know how enormous Amazon as a company is.


This quote right here! We hope it reaches every kid and even grown-ups out there who worry too much about whether or not they will ever be able to find their passion in life. Just relax, If you become impulsive and make a decision or a career choice that is not meant to be yours,  the outcome may not be in your favor. One of the main reasons for failing choices is not following your passion and rather following the crown in being in an illusion that your passion is the same as the crowd, trust us you are more than that.

Let your passion choose you, sit back and find out what it is that you actually love to do the most, where you cant keep a track of time, and let it choose you.


The company you keep matters the most for your success and happiness. In order to reach the stars, you need to declutter the unresourceful people from your life. The companionship helps you build the personality and it also affects the way you think. Therefore, if you don’t have a friend try to get one who is productive and constantly pushes you to do the best in life.

Humans are social beings we need people to talk to, to share our plans with, and to just relax and chill with. So, why not have someone who will actually get successful along with you.


we might not even need to describe how meaningful and important are the golden words are by the richest man alive. This piece of advice should be installed in all of us, and especially to the people who are willing to open a new business or form a government.

People talk give them something good to talk about it can be service, product or the promises kept. The words spread faster than the speed of light, not literally but really it does.


Well, well straight to our faces, ain’t it? Let’s say it together Constructive Criticism is necessary to build an empire or even a good personality.

You never learn if your ego is too big to digest the fact that someone out there is better than you, and he/she may criticize me for my job.  Constructive Criticism builds you, any extremely successful person may hunt and search for constructive criticism for the job. the choice is yours whether you want to be the egoistic person who cants take some positive criticism or you want to be the best at your job?


You all must be thinking, it isn’t as easy as Jeff makes it seems. Oh but, it is. The fact that you actually don’t need to higher your blood pressure level to reach the heights is now an unpopular opinion but true.


You need to experiment and do the unthinkable in order to invent something new. You need to try new things and see if it works, that’s an experiment. Double the number of experiments, double the number of inventions per year.

Even if it doesn’t work you still get a lesson to share.


Many people will try to pull you down, you will be misunderstood in every step that you make towards your goal. your work is to keep churning and know the fact in you subconscious mind that you will be misunderstood because you are doing something out of the league and different.

Keep grinding my friend.



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