Is Jaden And Nessa Break Up

Jaden And Nessa Break Up: Jaden Hossler And Nessa Barrett Announce Split


Another couple who met on TikTok has broken up. Jaden Hossler, who goes by the stage name “Jxdn” and started his music career in February 2020, and Nessa Barrett, whose first single, “Pain,” came out in July 2020, confirmed on May 2, 2022, that they had broken up.

The first time Jaden and Nessa hung out together were after they worked together on Nessa’s hit song “La Di Die.” In the summer of 2021, they went public with their relationship. Why did they stop dating? What went wrong?

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Why Did Jaden Hossler And Nessa Barrett Break Up? The Inside Story.

In an Instagram post on May 2, 2022, Jaden and Nessa said that they were breaking up.

“We broke up last month so we could focus on our careers and mental health,” Nessa and Jaden wrote. “Please don’t send hateful messages or jump to conclusions. We’d like to be alone while we heal, and we hope you can all understand that. We love you all.”

“I hope that @jxdn and @nessabarrett can get over their breakup and move on with their lives. Love you both very much. Your music has helped me so much, and I’m thankful for both of you, even though I’m sad to hear that you’re breaking up. I will keep giving you both my support, “@noa Hanrahan sent a tweet.

“I want Nessa Barrett to come out with the best breakup album of the summer,” @ishbishhhh wrote in a tweet.

Jaden Hossler And Nessa Barrett Started Dating In The First Half Of 2021.

Jaden and Nessa have been in the same groups of friends for a long time. Before the Sway House closed in February 2021, they both spent a lot of time there.

Jaden got his start in social media as a founding member of Sway House, which helped him get 9.4 million TikTok followers and 4.5 million Instagram followers. He began making music around the same time that Griffin Johnson and other Sway House members did.

Nessa first got a lot of attention on social media. In the second half of 2019, she went out with Josh Richards, who wrote the hit song “Still Softish.” Nessa and Josh have been called a “dream couple,” but they have decided to split up in June 2020. There was some drama during Jaden and Nessa’s first few weeks as a couple.

Nessa and Josh, her ex, seemed to have broken up on good terms. Josh and Jaden were good friends, at least until word got out about Nessa and Jaden. Meanwhile, Nessa had a very public fight with Madison Lewis, the Chicken Girls actress and social media influencer who Jaden dated on and off from 2019 to March 2021.

In an interesting turn of events, Josh and Madison Lewis were seen in several photos and short videos together in the spring of 2022. This led to rumors that they were dating. People are talking more than ever about how they are together.

Mads told BFFs host David Portnoy, “We were friends before and made TikToks before.” She did, however, say the same thing about her ex-boyfriend Christian Plourde.

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