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Dinesh Shetty is 1st India’s Ultimate Warrior, Going Home with the Prize Money of Rs 20 lakh


India’s Ultimate Warrior is a reality television show created by Base Films that follows the journey of an Indian warrior. In the show, Dojo Master is played by Vidyut Jamwal, a well-known Bollywood actor and martial artist. In keeping with the overall Warrior theme, the show’s setting is in an old Martial Arts Dojo, where 16 elite fighters and athletes from around India will display their abilities in order to explain why they are the best in their respective fields of endeavour. All participants will be put through a series of trials in order to demonstrate their abilities.

In addition to Dojo Master Vidyut Jamwal, there will be four mentors from all around the world who will be guiding the participants who have been selected.


Also, Dinesh Shetty took home Rs 20 lakh and an all-expense paid lifetime opportunity to get trained at Tiger Muay Thai in Thailand, which is one of the best martial arts schools in the world. Dinesh Shetty won’t have to pay a penny for the rest of his life.

People who follow @Discovery+ on Instagram saw the winner’s video. “As a businessman, I went into the ring. I left as a warrior! #IndaisUltimateWarrior – Bharat ka Naya Mahayoddha: Dinesh Shetty (sic).”

Among Dinesh Shetty’s many accomplishments are those of a businessman, a fighter, and an activist. Fitness is a lifelong love for him, and he incorporates boxing, crossfit (which he learned at Tiger Muay Thai), weight training, and horseback riding into his routine.

During the closing episode of India’s Ultimate Warrior, the show focused on the attributes of a warrior, such as perseverance and balance. In addition to Dinesh Shetty, the finalists were Prakram Dandona, Pooja Yadav, Rohit Choudhary and Deepak Rao. First and second runners-up were Rohit Choudhary and Pooja Yadav. Dinesh was crowned the winner.

Dinesh Shetty had this to say about being named India’s Ultimate Warrior: “The sensation of finally winning the championship and securing the trophy was incomparable and indescribable to anything I had ever felt before. It was a one-of-a-kind experience for me because every day in the performance was full with unique learning opportunities that none of us expected. This approach is a blessing to those like myself who want to offer the world what they’ve learned and what drives them. I’ve also been able to form close friendships thanks to India’s Ultimate Warrior, which I’ll always be grateful for. Having Mykel Hawke as a mentor has been an invaluable experience for me. He pushed me to new heights and was always there to support me when I needed it. In addition, it was a privilege to train under the tutelage of the legendary Vidyut Jammwal, who embodied the highest levels of tenacity and energy.”

Discovery+ is currently broadcasting all of India’s Ultimate Warrior’s episodes, including the season finale.

Vidyut Jammwal wins hearts with his sweet gesture on ‘India’s Ultimate Warrior’

‘India’s Ultimate Warrior’ cast and crew recently observed Vidyut Jammwal’s tender and generous side, which is typical of the action star’s demeanour on screen.

As the search for India’s next ‘Mahayoddha’ came to an end, Vidyut sent handwritten thank you notes to the show’s 140 staff members, expressing his appreciation for their dedication and hard work throughout the long, exhausting process.

Furthermore, each member of the team worked tirelessly to make this one-of-a-kind series a success, and he was awed by their passion and the mentors’ assistance. They all started out as strangers, but after experiencing the highs and lows of this adventure together, the actors returned with lasting friendships.

The entire team gave Vidyut a standing ovation for his generosity on the fifth day.

Expressing his emotions, Vidyut said, “’India’s Ultimate Warrior’ was a team of warriors looking for India’s ultimate warriors. The show will always be close to my heart not just because its primary theme is martial arts but also because of the bonds that we made on this show. Despite belonging to diverse backgrounds, we all had one thing in common, that is extreme dedication and passion to do the unthinkable.”

He further added, “This show was not a conventional reality format. With real challenges and tasks being performed under extreme conditions, the contestants were much more prone to injuries, breakdowns, and emotional outbursts but it was heartening to see how they uplifted each other in those moments of crisis whilst keeping their competitive spirit intact. Not just the contestants, the same spirit spilled over to the entire production unit as well who stayed put at all times and strongly supported us to be the best version of ourselves. I am sure each and every person who has been a part of this series has gone back home, a changed person. I definitely have!”

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