“I’m Curvy and I Like It”; Here are the Top 10 funniest Joey moments as the “FRIENDS” actor Matt LeBlanc turns 54 today

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Matt LeBlanc had played a variety of different roles, but a majority of us know him for his dim-wit, loyal and most of all funny character in Friends. He surely has gained an enormous amount of fame thanks to Friends.

Here are the top ten ‘Funniest Joey Moments’:


10. The One When Joey speaks French

In the episode, Joey who is a struggling actor lies in his portfolio saying he can speak French and then has to learn it in one day. Did he succeed? NO! But, he did make us laugh.

09. The One When Joey doesn’t know what ” ” this means

Joey is NOT dumb! He is just childlike. In the episode when Ross confronts Joey for “accidentally” proposing to Rachel, he doesn’t exactly get what Ross is saying while making the ” ” gesture with his hands, which makes it hilarious for the audience.


In a hilarious dialogue delivery by Matt LeBlanc, the friends find out that Joey doesn’t share his food.

07. The One When Joey Is On A Quiz Show

It doesn’t take a genius to find out that Joey is exactly not the smartest and the news of Joey on a quiz shows just sounds funny. So when asked “we put this in our coffee, and it’s white”, Joey says ” “Paper! Snow!! A ghost!!!” Ohh, Joey.

06. The One When Joey is Curvy

In the episode where Rachel’s spoilt sister visits who is a little difficult to handle tries to stop Joey from eating, he hilariously replies, “I’m Curvy and I Like it!”

05. The One With Ichiban

Joey and Chandler’s friendship is one of kind. So when Joey caught Chandler’s lie of watching Joey’s work video and how he knew he was lying, the answer made us roll on the floor in laughter.

04. The One With The Secret Party

The episode had the storyline in which Joey every year lied to his friends and sent them to different gigs because he wanted to host a party for his celebrity co-workers. This year when he is caught and is asked to take off his robe (don’t ask), the audience erupts in laughter.

03. The One Where Joey is a “Minis-tainer”

Joey in this episode asks Monica to let him be the minister for her wedding and to prove his point he says that ” In Joey Tribiani you get a minister and an entertainer, I’m a minis-tainer”

02. The One Where Joey is Chandler

In a funny gig between Joey and Chandler, where Chandler is wearing Joey’s underwear, the latter tries to take revenge by wearing EVERYTHING Chandler owns! “Could I be wearing any more clothes”

01. The One Where Joey Has a Twin

In a hilarious episode, where Joey who is in need of a Twin for a medical study who pays very well tries to convince Monica and Chandler that the man he came with is his Twin!


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