Business owners need to set the right goals to find success. Planning is essential, both in the context of the brand and also for business marketing. One of the most effective ways of communicating business objectives is through highlight videos.

Now, you might be wondering what a highlight video is and how to make one. Before understanding how to make a highlight video, it is essential to know what a highlight video is in the first place.

A highlight video has the power of going viral and reaching the target audience on different platforms. As a business, if you have not used videos for effective communication with the customers, it is high time you go for one and highlight your brand’s objectives.

Remember, when audiences understand your mission and how you are trying to accomplish it, they will help you reach those objectives simply by sharing your visual content and throwing business the way you want.

So, how can you use videos to highlight your business goals? Have a look below:

Use Top Quality Footage

Remember, highlight videos are not long enough. Therefore, you must select the best of everything. Use top-quality footage while avoiding shaky footage, inaudible audio, and shots with minimum lighting. These are things that can completely destroy the video.

Try capturing maximum B-roll footage to ensure you get top-quality shots for adding to your video. One of the best ways of starting off your highlight video is capturing time-lapse footage.

Simply Say It

One good way of conveying your brand’s message to the public is simply sitting down in front of the camera and sharing your business objectives. Ensure defining the objectives thoroughly with a SMART goal format.

The first step of the process of understanding your business objectives, and once you know them, it is time to take the second step, which involves setting them. Why should consumers know your goals? What is the mission of your company, and how do your objectives accomplish the same?

If you operate with the mission of making the lives of the working mothers easier, the working mothers must care about this mission too. Your secondary target audience will be the spouses of the working mothers along with their employers looking for perfect work-life balance for their workers.

Come Up with a List of Shots You are Willing to Take

Now that you have the list of business goals in front of you, it is time for you to make a complete list of shots as well. Jot down all the parts you are willing to capture on your camera. This will help you in being more organized.

It is difficult to predict different moments or know when a certain shot-worthy moment will occur. Therefore, it always works to be ready to quote in advance. This can help in capturing as many memorable moments as possible.

Keep the Video Short

For the time being, do not consider the complicated goals. This is necessary because describing complicated goals can take a lot of time. And people hardly have the time and the patience to listen to and watch 20 minutes of a video repeating only the business objectives.

The best thing you can do is cover only the most significant aspects of your business goals and try condensing the text and the visuals for convenient digestion. Take in those goals that matter to the audience the most.

The typical customers generally do not care whether you are making a profit or not. However, they always care about how you assist others and the reason why you do this. Simply try changing these rules if you are making a goal highlighting video for your employees. If you are making one for the employees, outline the different milestones and even the reasons why you are doing so.

Consider Crowd Reactions

The objective highlight video you are making should spark the right kind of emotions or, to say, the intended emotions in the target audience. One way of bringing life into your video is including the genuine reactions of the audience in the video.

Always be ready to capture shots of people cheering, shouting, and laughing, and include the same in your highlight visual.

Use Attractive Motion Graphics and Visuals

The ideal time duration of your highlight video should be 3 seconds and remember you have these three seconds to lure the viewers’ attention. Therefore, take the right steps to make the most out of these 3 seconds.

One good way of capturing their attention is simply using eye-catching animation, visuals, motion graphics, and text at the right time. Since highlight videos are super short, putting animation into these videos helps in bringing good notice to some of the most important elements of your business objectives.

Include Kinetic Typography

Your goal highlighting video is likely to be dull and dry. However, you have the option of making it interesting by adding elements like kinetic typography. This will energize your other dull and drab content.

Kinetic typography drives and moves a message. It involves a certain power word swirling in from one corner of the screen and then bouncing to pause in the middle of the screen. This is in no way a new procedure.

Kinetic typography or moving images and text not only engages the audience but also adds meaning to different abstract ideas. It helps in livening up dull content.

Use the Right Kind of Music

You need to know what kind of music works well in your highlight video. The first step of organizing music for your video is recognizing the type of viewers you are targeting.

Upbeat and fast music will be the right option for you if you have Millenials as your audience. The older folks will love something softer and music with little to no profanities. So, work accordingly.

The Bottom Line

Above everything else, you must be creative enough to work on the exciting topic of presenting your business objectives through a highlight video. Stretch your imagination as far as you can and come up with something really different and exclusive.


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