Most of us love traveling but when it comes to a solo trip, safety concerns arise, especially for females. But don’t worry, here’s a list of 5 countries that are safe choices for your solo journey.

Here is the list of 6 countries for the perfect solo trips!

1. Canada

Canada is one of the safest destinations in the world. Crime rates are low here and police are trusted, easy to contact, and quick to respond. It offers various landscapes, like forests, snow-covered mountains, countrysides, and lakes to tourists.

2. Iceland

The country of surreal landscapes and extraordinary terrains is one of the best places to travel. It has numerous uninhabited moonscapes of craters, green moss, glaciers, volcanoes, hot springs, and fields of lava rock. In fact, the famous American series, Game of Thrones has been shot in Iceland.

3. Finland

Finland is not just the happiest country in the world but also a safe place to travel. It is also known for being home to Santa Claus. It is home to breathtaking landscapes and deep literature. We suggest you visit Finland during summer though.

4. New Zealand

On the North Island, there are beaches, active volcanoes, and colorful lakes. On the South Island, it’s quite a different scene, with snowy peaks, glaciers, and an open ocean full of seals and whales. New Zealand has much more to offer than adventure, sports, and nature.

5. Austria

Austria is a perfect country for most travelers. Austrians have one of the best quality of life in Europe. Austria is not just famous for its extraordinary landscapes like snow-capped mountain peaks, beautiful green forests, and crystal-clear lakes, but also for its castles, palaces, and buildings.

6. The Netherlands

The Netherlands has a laid-back and friendly culture. There are various canals and bridges and hence it’s better to take a bike for the best experience. The Tulip gardens are world-famous and are undoubtedly photogenic. In fact, for the tulip experience, visit Amsterdam in April. Do check out dates and weather before!


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