Harry Potter : Here are the Top 10 major deaths of the fictional series’ characters that make us grieve

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JK Rowling is in a true sense godsend who gifted us one of the most interesting and magical selling novels of all time “Harry Potter”. The name itself is enough for the power to be felt. With time as we got connected to the characters we got demented and flumped when they were taken away. The impact that they left on our lives was so mighty despite the fact that they were fictional.

1) Voldemort

It might sound uncanny but Lord Voldemort’s death was hard to process. As he was the most powerful wizard who could split his soul into seven segments, clearly his death indicated the end of the harry potter series. Although him dying was a good sign for the wizard world but not so good moment for the die-hard fans who would have done anything to keep this journey alive

2) Lily Potter

The true idealist of the Potter universe who was able to see good in everyone including Snapes, her passing away made us all grieve in a terrible way.  This Gryffindor, who grew up near Snapes was a perfect mother and we couldn’t help ourselves but cry when we witness Snape mourning over death.

3)Professor Quirell

professor Quirell was the major Dark arts professor at Hogwarts. His death is a visual treat to all fans. As Voldemort was surviving on the back of his head, it was certainly a very outlandish character in this plot, but it was certainly a major one!

4) Cedric Diggory

One of the most obedient student of Hogwarts, Cedric was the best among Hufflepuff. His tragic death in Goblet of fire gave us a direct message that no pupil was safe in Hogwarts.

5) Albus Dumbledore

Truly Dumbledore can be considered as the life of  ‘Harry Potter’. The only person from whom Voldemort was afraid. His bond with Harry will always serve as an example of what type of bond should be shared between a teacher and a student. Because of his humble nature, his death left us all devastated.

6) Fred Weasley

Fred and George, who served the entire series making us laugh also make us believe in the fact that there is some positivity left in this dark wizardly world. This all in all made us go wonky about Fred’s death. Sadly,a true partnership ended there!

7) Alastor ‘ Mad-eye’ Moody

As we didn’t get to witness his death does not conclude that we did not grieve. We always remember ‘Mad-Eye’ for that he always made sure for the plan to go on successfully also the one to maintain the decorum of Hogwarts

8) Snape

Severus Snape is the most powerful and misunderstood character of all time. His death would have gained more sympathy if Harry would’ve learnt about his good deeds.

9) Hedwig

Anyone who is acquainted with the feeling of losing a pet would know how Harry felt when he lost Hedwig. Hedwig’s death is clearly the most difficult to process as we all know how close they were. It being loyal and a beautiful friend makes us cry even more.

10) Dobby

Dobby, the most selfless character. His small visits would always leave us joyous. It is direful to watch him die and even more saddening when Harry believes that he deserved a proper funeral. But we all know that he is a free elf now !



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