Fear The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 13 Review

Fear The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 13 Review: ‘The Raft ‘ Recap


First of all, think back to what happened at the end of episode 12: John Dorie Sr. gave his life so that baby Mo could get out of the tower. Now that Morgan has the child, he needs to figure out how to get rid of Victor Strand for good.

In the 13th episode of Season 7 of Fear the Walking Dead, Sherry tells Dwight over the radio that she is out on a supply run by herself. She is making a raft and getting it ready. Dwight tells her that a woman named Maya sent him an SOS. Maya needs help, so Dwight and Sherry go looking for her and save her.

Maya doesn’t come from this area. She and her son, Marco, got off the boat and don’t know what’s going on with the radiation poisoning. Victor told Maya something about the Tower. Dwight says that he will show Maya the right way.

Morgan tells Dwight and Sherry over the radio that all of the walkers from Victor’s moat that are now following him need to be sent in a different direction. A thousand people are walking!

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While assisting Mo, Dwight and Sherry work through their issues.

This second half of Fear the Walking Dead has given me a lot of trouble. But this week’s episode was a big step up in how and why the characters did what they did. We didn’t randomly decide to kill trusted allies like Strand did last week, and John Dorie didn’t leave Strand alive for no reason.

At the start of the episode, Dwight and Sherry helped a woman find her daughter. Sherry thought it was very strange that Dwight told her to go to the Tower when they were about to attack the Tower.

For most of the rest of the episode, they talked about whether or not it was worth it to fight Strand and whether or not they could even win. A lot of back and forth happened, and they even talked about whether it would be better to just join Strand and the tower. (Since Strand was shown to be crazy last week, the writers aren’t leaving us with any doubt that this would be a bad idea, even though Strand’s recent actions go against how his character was portrayed in earlier seasons.)

Sherry remembers that Dwight had to give up his own morals to follow Negan, and she is afraid that he would turn back into that man if they joined with Strand. It’s a worry that makes a lot of sense, just like how angry Dwight is that she thinks he’ll go back to thinking that way. In this episode, their fights and arguments were real, and none of the scenes felt forced.

fear the walking dead season 7 episode 13 image
fear the walking dead season 7 episode 13 image

In the end, Wes keeps following them, so they decide to hide out in Alicia’s old bunker with Baby Mo. (How much air does Baby Mo’s helmet thing really hold?) Wes’s team follows them inside, and they set off the alarm to bring Morgan’s zombie horde after them. This kills a lot of Wes’s team members (and really should kill Wes.)

Dwight and Sherry almost die when the tunnel they are trying to escape through caves in, but they are able to dig their way out after Sherry tells them she is pregnant. That part might have been a stretch (especially how Dwight just basically gave up on escaping and left Sherry alone to dig them out.) But they all got out okay.

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Morgan & Alicia Next Step discussion

A lot of this episode was about the characters talking about what they should do next and which choices are right or wrong.

Morgan tells Alicia that this is their only chance to attack Strand since the zombie horde will only be gone for a short time. But Alicia knows that they don’t have enough people yet to have a good chance of being successful. Either way is a risk, so it just comes down to which risk they want to take. And Alicia is still very sick. She has fevers every night, but no one knows why.

Morgan has already left his friends on The Walking Dead, and he doesn’t feel ready to do it again. But for some reason, Baby Mo has become a figure that looks like Baby Moses and must be protected at all costs. Since the sub is giving off radiation, Morgan can’t take her back there. Instead, he will use the escape raft that Sherry set up and float away with Baby Mo, finding a way out of the radioactive lands. (It seems like the water is safe, but he should stay away from the coasts.)

Everyone says goodbye to Morgan and Baby Mo at the end of the episode. Morgan promised Grace that he would keep the baby safe no matter what. Daniel just stands there awkwardly and doesn’t say a word or even give Morgan a hug. (I couldn’t help but wonder if this was done to save money, like if the actor gets paid more per episode if he speaks.)

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