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Dorohedoro Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot – All We Know So Far


The first season of Dorohedoro was a huge success, and now the show’s fans are eagerly awaiting the release of Dorohedoro Season 2. It was hailed as one of the best shows of the previous year and received a great deal of positive feedback from both fans and critics. Some viewers have even described this anime series as addictive, and they are now clamoring for the release of the second season. So, when will the second season of the anime show be broadcast on television? Here is the most up-to-date information.

Dorohedoro is a Japanese dark fantasy action anime series that is set in the distant future. It is a remake of the manga series of the same name created by Q Hayashida. The first season of this popular anime, which premiered last year on January 13, 2020, was animated by the MAPPA studio. It lasted a total of 18 episodes, with six of them being original video animations. On March 30, 2020, fans were treated to the conclusion of the first installment.

Dorohedoro Season 2 Release Date

In the first season, which aired between January 12 and March 29, 2020, the show featured a total of 12 episodes and an additional batch of six OVA episodes, adapting roughly the first third of the entire manga. The second season will air between January 12 and March 29, 2021. Fortunately, the first season of Dorohedoro premiered at a time when the manga had already been completed, allowing the producers to avoid the time-consuming process of waiting for new material to be written.

The first season of Dorohedoro received a slew of positive reviews, with many fans describing it as “addictively entertaining.” In general, the animation was excellent, the story was very appealing to fans, and the experience was overall a very enjoyable one.

Dorohedoro Season 2 Release Date
Dorohedoro Season 2 Release Date

Now, because the first season only adapted around 40 chapters of the manga, there are more than 100 chapters left to adapt, which means there is a lot of material for a lot more seasons if the show continues in its current direction. So, what does this portend for the show’s future development?

Until now, no one has mentioned a possible second season of Dorohedora, or any other form of sequel for that matter, as of January 2022. Dorohedoro is still a likely candidate for renewal – the show has been successful, and there is no doubt more material to adapt – but because we do not have any official information, we are unable to say anything specific about the show other than that it is a likely candidate for renewal at some point in the near future.

Weighing everything into consideration, we believe the second season of Dorohedoro will premiere no earlier than 2023, with the first season premiering in 2018.


As of September 12, 2018, the manga written by Q Hayashida has reached its conclusion. In spite of this, there is still enough source material to sustain the anime for at least one more season. It even appears to be sufficient for Season 3. In total, there are 23 volumes of the manga that were published between November 30, 2000, and September 12, 2018, and eight of these 23 volumes were adapted into the first season of the anime series. While it is encouraging that there is enough source material for the anime to be adapted, it is unfortunate that the manga is no longer being published. Because the anime series serves as an advertisement for the manga series, and as the manga series is completed, the amount of advertising work is reduced.

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Dorohedoro Season 2 Plotline

The action of the series takes place in a world known as Hole. Humans and Magic-Users coexist in this world. Several Magic-Users have been killing Hole residents and terrorizing the city’s streets. It is an extremely violent world, and residents live in constant fear of their lives. It is Caiman who is the main character; he was once human before he was disfigured by Magic-Users and left with no memory of what happened. His face has been distorted to resemble a reptilian. The series revolves around him searching for clues to his past because he has no recollection of his previous life. He is accompanied by his partner Nikaido. They question other Magic-Users before killing them in order to find out more about his background and origins.

Dorohedoro Season 2 Plotline.
Dorohedoro Season 2 Plotline.

Season 2 of Dorohedoro will present Caiman with a slew of new challenges as he draws closer to his ancestral home. Magic-Users will become even more enraged as Caiman and Nikaido continue to assassinate Magic-Users in order to learn about his past and exact revenge on them. Not only will Caiman face serious consequences, but so will Nikaido, who will be implicated as his accomplice in the crime. Caiman will face a slew of new adversaries as he attempts to carry out his strategy. His desire to learn more about his past life, on the other hand, will not wane in the least. Fans are curious as to whether Caiman will meet new people who will assist him in his search for justice and whether he will be successful in doing so this season.

Dorohedoro Season 2 Cast

It’s likely that the Dorohedoro cast would remain largely unchanged for a potential season two, given that it would still be early in the manga’s plot. This is primarily because we know that the majority of the main characters will continue to appear later in the story, and it isn’t a show in which a lot of characters die or are otherwise negatively affected.

Dorohedoro Season 2 Cast.
Dorohedoro Season 2 Cast.

It is unknown whether or not there will be a second season of the show or if there will be additional movies, but if there is, the cast from season one will almost certainly return (as they did for the movie), and it includes the following actors.

Role Japanese voice (Seiyū)
Kaiman Wataru Takagi
Nikaidō Reina Kondo
Fujita Kengo Takanashi
Shin Yoshimasa Hosoya
Noi Yū Kobayashi

Dorohedoro Sales and Popularity

Myanimelist’s popularity rankings place Dorohedoro at 429th place. Considering that the anime premiered in 2020, this popularity is significantly higher than average, suggesting that a second season will be successful. The data may, however, not always be representative of current popularity. As a result of this popularity, we can see a parallel increase in search volume on Google. According to Google, the search term Dorohedoro is currently trending higher than the search term Bofuri, which is a beloved anime that has been renewed for a second season. According to this viewpoint, the likelihood of a second season of the anime is high.

The official Twitter account of the anime shows that, despite that the manga has been completed and released, it is still actively involved in advertising and product promotion for the anime series. There is still a lot of work being done on this series by a dedicated group of people. We can tell that the popularity in Japan is lower than it is elsewhere, however, because of the large number of followers. A total of 50k people in Japan watch anime, and when we look at anime that has received new season approval, we can say with certainty that this number is at least twice as high. However, we believe this is due to the fact that Netflix-licensed animes are not always well-liked in their home country. As evidenced by its inclusion on Netflix, the anime is a worldwide hit.

Finally, the anime’s disc sales fell short of expectations, as predicted. 2020 will be a difficult year in terms of anime disc sales, as evidenced by the sales of Dorohedoro (2781 units). The Netflix factor should not be overlooked, even though disc sales are low. For Dorohedro’s anime, Netflix has an exclusive distribution deal with the studio. In terms of the second production, this can be considered a significant factor in its advancement. When it comes to production, Netflix is well-known for pouring a lot of money into it.

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