Criminal Minds Season 16

Criminal Minds Season 16 Release Date: When Is The New Season Coming Out?


After barely a year since the BAU brought down The Chameleon, Garcia was sent away from the show to begin the next chapter of her life, but according to Deadline, Paramount+ (currently known as CBS All Access) is in the early stages of reviving Criminal Minds for the 16th season. At this point, nothing has been confirmed about the revival, which would technically be a miniseries with the possibility of more seasons in the future (including whether or not the reboot will actually happen).

Considering that the project is still in its early stages, Criminal Minds fans shouldn’t get their hopes up too much just yet. However, it does make sense that Paramount+ would be looking into ways to bring the long-running crime series back to television. According to Deadline, Criminal Minds is one of the most popular licensed series streaming on Netflix, indicating that the show has a broad appeal around the world. Because of this, it is a valuable asset for Paramount+, which is exploring ways to mine its extensive film and television library for hits.

Also helpful is the fact that executive producer Erica Messer left the door open for more BAU adventures in the series finale, which was a nice touch. A strangely happy note ended Criminal Minds after 15 seasons: not only did none of the main team members die, but everyone except Garcia appeared to be on track to remain with the Bureau of Arson Investigation. As a result, a potential revival could theoretically pick up where the finale left off without skipping a beat if it were to happen.

Criminal Minds Season 16 Release Date

For the time being, a premiere date for Criminal Minds seasons 16 is still up in the air. According to a report published on February 19, 2021, by TVLine, the project is in its early stages of development. As a result, there are no agreements in place with the cast or the writers at this time. If Paramount+ and the show’s co-producers, CBS Film companies and ABC Signature, can work out the kinks, the revival will most likely take a year or more to come to fruition, according to a report from Variety.

Despite the fact that the series ended only a year ago, many members of the cast and crew have moved on to new endeavors in the meantime. And, given that the revival is being pitched as a continuation of the series, it’s likely that Paramount+ will try to bring on as many of the show’s key players as possible. Unsettling news came in from one of the series’ key stars, who was expected to return, but who instead threw cold water on the entire notion of a revival. Paget Brewster took to Twitter to announce that she no longer considered the project to be alive at the time of writing.

criminal minds season 16 Release date
criminal minds season 16 Release date

The fact that the project has been shelved doesn’t rule out the possibility that some enterprising executive over at Paramount+ will get things moving again, but it’s not the kind of news that fans want to hear.

Criminal Minds Season 16 Cast: 6 Cast Member Agree To Return

Criminal Minds season 15 stars Joe Mantegna and Paget Brewster are in talks to return for season 16 on Paramount+, which will premiere in 2019.

Six original Criminal Minds cast members are currently in negotiations to return for season 16 of the rebooted series. Criminal Minds is a police procedural television series that first aired on CBS in 2005 and has since been renewed for a second season. In total, 15 seasons of the show were broadcast, with the series finale airing in February of 2020. Mandy Patinkin, Thomas Gibson, Lola Glaudini, Shemar Moore, Matthew Gray Gubler, A. J. Cook and Kirsty Vangsness were among the original members of the main cast of the show, despite the fact that the team at its center has changed significantly over the years.

One year after the series was canceled, Paramount+ announced that they would be bringing it back for a 16-episode run, beginning with season 16. Following the announcement, the project was put on hold for nearly a year, and it was widely assumed to have been shelved. In a statement released this week, the streaming platform clarified that they are still working on the project, removing any confusion over what may have been pandemic or contract-related delays, and stating unequivocally that more Criminal Minds will be released in the near future.

According to Deadline, Paramount+ is still in the process of finalizing its contract with Criminal Minds creator Erica Messer, who is currently on leave. However, even though they have not yet been officially attached in any capacity, there are six cast members who are expected to enter negotiations once the process is completed. Joe Mantegna will reprise his role as David Rossi, Kirsten Vangsness will reprise her role as Penelope Garcia, Adam Rodriguez will reprise his role as Luke Alvez, A.J. Cook will reprise his role as Jennifer Jareau, Aisha Tyler will reprise her role as Dr. Tara Lewis, and Paget Brewster will reprise her role as Emily Prentiss from season 15.

Daniel Henney, who plays Matt Simmons, and Matthew Gray Gubler, who has appeared on every episode of the series as Dr. Spencer Reid, are two cast members who are conspicuously absent from this list. Daniel Henney plays Matt Simmons, and Matthew Gray Gubler plays Dr. Spencer Reid. In addition to his role as Lan Mandragoran on the massively successful fantasy series The Wheel of Time, which is currently in production on season 2, Daniel Henney is also working on a number of other projects. Gubler, on the other hand, is relishing the fact that he no longer has to portray the character who has dominated his career for the past decade and a half.

Because the renewal of Criminal Minds was completed in a relatively short period of time, season 16 will almost certainly be a direct continuation rather than a reboot. Unlike revival series like Will & Grace and Dexter: New Blood, which had years or even decades between them and their original series, Criminal Minds is simply adhering to a slightly delayed release schedule, which isn’t particularly uncommon in the pandemic era. Hopefully, this means that they will be able to easily recapture the magic that kept audiences glued to their seats for the previous 15 years.

Criminal Minds Season 16 Plot

Even though television has become increasingly serialized in recent years, Criminal Minds’ appeal stemmed from the show’s ability to keep viewers coming back by employing an old-school case of the week format. However, if season 16 does turn out to be a limited series (at least to begin with), it might make sense for the show to focus on one major case with a couple of smaller unsub side cases thrown in for good measure to break up the monotony of the show’s format.

Moreover, Season 16 may provide the writers with an opportunity to experiment with more risky forms of storytelling that were not successful in the previous season. Messer revealed to Entertainment Weekly shortly after the season finale aired that the writers had toyed with the idea of including a format-breaking episode in the final season, but that they ultimately decided against it because there were only 10 episodes left.

“There was some crazy stuff thrown around in the room, and we didn’t just shoot it down without thinking about it. Okay, so how could that have happened?, we’d think to ourselves. The concept of a live episode, or whatever you want to call it, is intriguing. The crew is being followed around by a documentary film crew “” she explained. In the end, we looked into a few of those possibilities, but ultimately we were unable to find a way to keep it in line with the series.

However, with the possibility of season 16 of Criminal Minds becoming a reality, the writers may have an opportunity to incorporate some of their unconventional episode ideas while creating the show.

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Criminal Minds Season 16 Trailer

The release date for Criminal Minds season 16 is still up in the air, so there has no trailer for criminal minds season 16, you can watch the previous season’s(season 15) trailer.

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