Chrissy Teigen gets super emotional on receiving fan letters full of condolences and support


Chrissy Teigen is always seen sharing her personal parts of her life with her fans, so when she had to go through a pregnancy loss that left her devastated in September 2020, she shared this loss publicly. Immediately her fans sent love and support online but some even went a step ahead and sent letters. Chrissy was really moved and got super emotional over those letters full of condolences and support.

The pandemic held Teigen’s mail for months but she got a chance to read them on July 21. She shared a video of her crying over her fan’s letter and got very emotional.

Chrissy appeared to be chuffed after receiving the letters, and although she was emotional, she took this moment to share it with her fans.

Teigen said, “This is just piles of letters that we just got because the place we usually get mail from — where you guys send mail — has been shut down. It opened back up and now we got everything.”

She even promised that she would be taking the time to read each one. . “You guys sent the most amazing condolence letters and cards and books, and I just want you to know we got all of them,” she added. The letters appeared to be handmade cards, handwritten letters and postcards from her fans. Teigen was heard sniffling as she looked them over.

Previously Teigen was seen sharing about her pregnancy loss in an emotional open letter for In the post, she shared fans had been supportive of her family from the second they heard the news.

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