Check these 5 friendly pet snakes for your home


Pet dogs and cats are ordinary but have you ever thought about having a snake as a pet? If yes, we have a solution to the first thing that concerns you – the type of snakes you can keep at home. The factors you need to keep in mind while buying a snake are its nature, care, and cost.

See the list of 5 friendly pet snakes for your home:

1. Corn Snake

The Corn Snake is the best suggested for beginners due to its temperament. We advise you to get a captive-bred snake no matter which breed you are choosing, for your safety. These snakes are found in various color variations, mostly in the shades of orange, brown, and yellow. Baby corn is 10-12 inches long and grows almost to 3-4 feet. The adult snake can be kept in a medium-sized fish aquarium and can live up to 20 years. They cost between $40-$100.

2. California King

The California King is a famous subspecies of King Snake that is brown-black with yellow bands. They grow up to 4-5 feet, almost the same as a Corn snake. They cost around $70-$170 and can live up to 20 years. But the best part about them is that they are shy. So in anger, they coil themselves instead of attacking.

3. Rosy Boas

Rosy Boas is commonly found in the US and Mexico and has a brown-rosy-pink color. They rarely strike or bite as they love being controlled and taken care of. They cost between $25-$350 and live about 30 years. They are quite underrated but are docile and easy to care for.

4. Ball Pythons

Ball Pythons live in grasslands and are active at night. They are brown with a variety of patches and can love up to 20-30 years. They cost around $25-$200 and are tame to handle. They curl up like a ball when threatened instead of striking. They prefer freshly killed food, choosy indeed!

5. Gopher Snake

Gopher snake is also known as Pine Snake and is nocturnal. They are non-venomous but can bite in self-defense which is painful. It shakes tails when threatened. No, not like dogs, just like a snake! They cost around $90-$190 and can live up to 20 years.

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