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Bling Empire Season 2 Release Date: Cancellation & Renewal Status in 2022!


Bling Empire on Netflix is a must-see for everyone who enjoys peering into the lives of the famous and wealthy. The Beverly Hills-based socialites featured in the reality series can spend $1 million in a single day the same way most of us can spend a few bucks at Dollar Tree. They still have their fair share of issues, but they are much more sumptuous than any of us could have ever imagined.

The Oprah Magazine has confirmed that the show will return for a second season.

If Keeping Up With the Kardashians producer Jeff Jenkins gets his way, this may be just the beginning of a profitable series. If Jenkins is to be believed, there are a plethora of other misadventures that these folks may get themselves into “There has been so much going on in their lives since season one was filmed. Nothing seems to be still. It is hoped that the audience enjoys and responds to it.” What we know thus far about the second season of Bling Empire.

Bling Empire Season 2 Release Date

No word yet on when the second season of Bling Empire will premiere on television. Season 1 was released in January 2021, and season 2 was confirmed just a few months later. Our best guess right now is that the next season of Bling Empire will premiere in early 2022, which is approximately a year ahead of schedule.

However, the COVID-19 epidemic complicates matters a little. Filming might be further delayed if the CDC’s lowering infection rates suddenly spike. Cast member Kane Lim stated that he plans to do more traveling in the future.

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His words to Entertainment Tonight were that: “Among the most important trends for the future, in my opinion, is that people will spend more time traveling. Because of the time limits and other issues we had to deal with, we were unable to travel during the first season. The entire cast should go to Singapore so they may experience the real Singapore.” Fans should prepare for a lengthy experience, whatever that may be.bling empire season 2

Bling Empire season 2 Cast

Bling Empire’s first season follows a group of friends and acquaintances in Los Angeles, and it’s probable that most of the ensemble will remain in place for future seasons. That includes Anna Shay, a philanthropist, and Kim Lee, a former model. Season 2 should focus on Cherie Chan and Jessey Lee’s freshly announced engagement. The couple had been together for some years and had two children together before becoming engaged.

The actors can’t wait to go back to work. Variety quotes Chiu as saying. “We were very passionate about not only the Asian representation on television, but also to be able to showcase the entrepreneurial side of our lives and the business we’ve built and, of course, the nonprofit organizations that I was and am very passionately involved in.”

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This cast certainly doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

Bling Empire season 2 Trailer

The second season of Bling Empire has yet to be shown in a trailer. Those of you who binge-watched the first season’s eight episodes will have to wait for some time before seeing any fresh material. Naturally, you can follow your favorite heirs and heiresses on Instagram to stay in the loop. All of them, including Anna Shay, who joined the social media site in late 2018 (via Hello Magazine), should have an account.

Netflix shows often don’t have trailers until at least a few months before the launch date. It’s possible that it will take a while, as we have no idea when that will happen. Netflix has lots of other reality series showing how the top one percent live if you can’t wait that long. With both Selling Sunset and Yummy Mummies, you’ll have something to look forward to as you wait for Anna and Christine’s issue to get resolved.

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