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Yki Tabata is the author and illustrator of the Japanese comic series Black Clover. In 2017, Xebec Zwei developed an original video animation based on the manga, which was published in 2017. Pierrot’s anime television series adaption aired on TV Tokyo in Japan from October 2017 to March 2021. A movie based on anime has been announced. There were 170 episodes of Black Clover in all. Black Clover has a remarkably low filler ratio of 10%, with just 17 recorded filler episodes. As with Hunter x Hunter (2011) Filler List and Inuyasha Filler List, we’ve created a Black Clover Filler List per episode so you may watch only the core plot of Black Clover.

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Black Clover Storyline

Asta, an orphan who is extremely loud and enthusiastic, has no magic in a world filled with it. Despite this, he aspires to be the Wizard King, a title conferred to the Clover Kingdom’s most powerful wizard. Asta’s childhood friend and adversary Yuno, who has the same ambition, has been gifted with the ability to manipulate powerful wind magic. Even with such a large gap between them, Asta exercises his body every day in the hopes of reawakening his magical skills and catching up to Yuno.

Once a person reaches the age of 15, they are eligible to obtain their Grimoire, a magical object that allows the user to use their power to its greatest potential. Yuno receives a Grimoire with a legendary four-leaf clover, symbolising the wielder’s tremendous strength, while Asta impatiently awaits his. Asta, devastated but determined not to give up, witnesses Yuno being apprehended by a wizard attempting to take Yuno’s particular Grimoire. Despite being hopelessly outmatched by Yuno’s captor, Asta’s will to battle on earns him his own Grimoire, complete with an unheard-of black five-leaf clover.

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