Billie Eilish directs music video for her single ‘NDA’; Releases it as a part of her upcoming album ‘Happier Than Ever’

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Billie Eilish releases the official music video titled ‘NDA’ for the forthcoming album ‘Happier Than Ever.’ The music video was released by the 19-year-old singer on Friday and the marvelous video was directed in one shot.  

The self-directed music video had no cuts in between the shot taken it is a completely one-shot-directed music video which makes it interesting. The night-themed music video is aesthetically dark, like most of Billie Eilish’s songs from the album “We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?”  

This music video shows Billie Eilish singing in the middle of a road on a dark night, while it also features 25 professional drivers speeding across her from both ways. According to the press release of Entertainment Weekly, no stunt doubles or VFX were used for the cars. As surprising as it may sound but the cars did speed around Billie Eilish, while she gave her shot without fear.   

A week ago, she shared a photo teasing her song ‘NDA’ and captioned the photo, “NDA” SONG AND VIDEO OUT NEXT FRIDAY JULY 9TH JSHVKSJCIKSHCJSKCBUSKSK PRE-SAVE IN BIOOOOO” since then the hype was created, and duh! We are satisfied.  

She posted two pictures on her Instagram handle promoting her song, the first one captioned,  “NDA” OUT THIS FRIDAY 7/9, MUSIC VIDEO OUT AT 12AM ET EEEEEEEEEEE i can’t wait for this one. one of my favorite videos i’ve directed🙈🙈🙈🙈.

A few moments later she posted another video of her music video and wrote, ““NDA” SONG AND VIDEO OUT RIGHT NOW GO WATCH GO WATCH GO WATCHHHHHHHHHH THIS VIDEO WAS SO CRAZY TO SHOOOOOT😭😭 AHHHHHHHHHH” 

Billie Eilish confirmed while talking to Zane Lowe on a recent episode of New Music Daily On Apple Music 1 that, they made the whole song in two days and it was very “fun” and “satisfying.” 

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