Bella Hadid is on the cover of ‘American Vouge’ for their latest September issue and she is delighted!

The 2021 September issue is a  collaborative storytelling edition for the magazine called “New Beginnings.” The theme is meant to center around diversity and inclusivity in the industry. This issue will run across all of the brand’s content and be published in 20 languages.

The top-notch photos were captured by Ethan James Green and were shot at Vogue’s offices as it describes to us in a celebratory scene where everyone is included — assistants, editors, and stylists because fashion is for everyone. Designer Christopher John Rogers, who dressed Bella Hadid for the cover, posted about the hand-knit merino slip dress adorned by the model, the designer revealed that the paillette sequins were done by his interns.

Hadid also posted on Instagram sharing the happy news with her followers and penned down a lengthy emotional post. The model starts by sharing that she will be seen “American Vogue …. The September issue!!! Shot by @ethanjamesgreen , styled by @gabriellak_j @tonnegood.”

Bella then writes that she has been in the industry for seven years now and that she is, “learning/studying my craft and trying to be the best person, sister, daughter, model, role-model i could be, with a loving and curious heart/mind. Trying to navigate through this crazy life, with no “how to:” manual or rule book. Trying my best, Educating myself regularly, ears and heart open.”

Bella then shares that, ” I rarely give myself a pat on the back, and although (ive heard) ive accomplished a lot before the age of 24, sometimes its hard to even tell yourself that you are proud of what youve done.”  I’ve put out over 120 magazine covers and editorials, walked over 200 fashion shows, and finally have the opportunity to be able to focus on my philanthropic work that heals my soul. Today, What i am proud to say is that I am on the cover of the September issue of American Vogue!” she continued.

She then shares that she made on the cover, “With a few of my favorite people in this industry. (In front of the camera AND behind the scenes) … People that show me everyday what it means to be an independent, hard-working, kind, intelligent, multifaceted human being.”

The model then emotionally shares that whether they started before or after, they are  all “connected on a level that brought us together for this moment. We have been through a lot together and I am forever grateful to have been on this journey with them.”
She also thanks her agent Luiz Mattos and describes him as, “my rock for life and I am grateful for the support and love you give to me and my career everyday. I adore you.”

Bella Hadid concluded with: “Thank you Anna, Ethan, Gabby, Tonne, Jen, Lucas, Mark and everyone who made this possible, for everything. It has been a roller coaster of a year, but this is the most beautiful way to end the season. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

Phew! Hadid genuinely seems stoked to be on the cover of American Vouge and who can blame her that’s a huge opportunity right there.




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