Ashley Laconetti and Jared Haibon talk about ‘Bachelor in Paradise’; Reveal, “It was hard for us”

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Bachelor in Paradise’s Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon shared in an interview what it’s like to return to the beach spinoff as their friend Joe Amabile’s  ABC show is about to air.

Jared, 32, exclusively told Us Weekly, “It was hard for us. I think it’s more difficult because when you go through it a couple of times, and then you’re removed from it, to go back into that world, you’re not as naive as you first were, It’s just a different experience. It’s not any less real or anything like that.”

Ashley also shared that when it’s your second time it’s “less of a fantasy.” “The first time, [you’re like], ‘Holy crap.’ Everything is sparkly and glowy,” Jared added. “And when you re-enter that world, you’re a little bit more jaded.”

The pair also shared their thoughts on Joe and Kendall Long on season 5 of ‘Bachelor in Paradise.’ The couple, who briefly lived together in Los Angeles, announced their split in January 2020. While Joe is part of the original cast for BiP season 7, Ashley wonders whether Kendall, 29, will make an occurrence too.

“At the same time, if Kendall does come like rumours say she may, they might have a very similar experience to what we had,” the podcast host told Us. Jared added, “It was sad when they broke up, but I’m rooting for them individually.”

Jared and Ashley also shared that they are also looking forward to seeing Bachelorette season 16’s Brendan Morais and Bachelor season 25’s Abigail Heringer on BiP season 7.

“Brendan, he’s a Mass guy, a New England guy, so I’m rooting for him,” Jared said. “Abigail, I think, is extremely sweet. I hope she finds someone.”

Ashley then pointed out that she’s surprised Tayshia Adams’ finalist Ben Smith didn’t join the cast — and added that she’s hoping to see some familiar faces. “Becca Kufrin and Tia [Booth] — they’re a little bit more our generation, we’ve met them,” she told US “Becca is so sweet. … We both love them.”

Ashley and Jared, for their part, met on BiP season 2, but their relationship, unfortunately, didn’t last. When the pair returned to film season 3 in 2016, pressures were high as she was still interested in him, but Jared tried to date other people. In the end, Ashley and Jared found their way back to each other in 2018 and wed one year later. She is also currently pregnant with the pair’s first child.

“In three years, you’re going to your 10-year Bachelor anniversary,” Jared told Ashley during our interview. “It’s like your 10-year high school reunion.”

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