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Will There Be Citrus Season 2? Here’s What You Need To Know About The Sequel

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Will there be Citrus Season 2? The first season of the show was a huge success, and it has been renewed for a second season. But will there be more episodes after that?

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A Japanese yuri manga series named Citrus is about citrus. Saburouta is the creator and artist of the series. The manga series was first serialized in Ichijinsha’s Yuri Hime Comic beginning in November 2012, and it ended in August 2018.

The series is licensed by Seven Seas Entertainment and allows for distribution and streaming. English is not supported. Studio Passione’s anime adaptation of the manga Yuri Hime is a telling example. Season 1 of The Last Kingdom began in January 2018. Citrus plus, a manga series followed, in December 2018.

Citrus Season 2 Release Date- When Will Release?

The manga Citrus debuted in 2012. The following month, the anime version was premiered in January 2018. Although a second season of Citrus has not yet been announced, there are many options for a future installment. [[Season 1 adapted only four volumes of the manga series.

The second season can begin at volume 5. Unfortunately, we have not heard anything about Citrus Season 2 since its premiere in 2015.

There’s no word on when a new season of Passione will premiere. Despite the fact that it is well-liked by fans and viewers of a specific age, the animated series has poor viewership. Because of the explicit material, we can blame it for having a low rating and negative comments on IMDB and Myanimelist.

A new season is unlikely due to low viewership.

In addition, Studio Passione ( High School DxD Season 5 , Rokka no Yuusha Season 2 ) is famous for having directed only one season of anime adaptations. So it wouldn’t be uncommon if we only received Season 1 of Citrus. However, fans should not give up hope just yet because the studio may renew the series for a second season.

A second production company may choose to produce a continuation of the series. So, given all of this information, it’s reasonable to think Citrus Season 2 will be released sometime after 2022. There is a chance, depending on whether or not there is a market for hard-core fans.

Citrus season 2

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Season 2 of Citrus – What To Look For

Citrus Season 1 adapted the manga from 1 to 4. If season 2 comes to embellish our screens in the future, it is likely that it starts from volume 4.

A lot of the manga series gets adapted in the anime. Since the show is only in its second season, fans are eager for each episode; a chapter will be included. According to some reports, Season 2 will cover Harumi’s story, Yuzu’s arc, and even Suzuran’s.

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Citrus Characters, Cast, and Crew

Mei Aihara is the deuteragonist of the manga Citrus. She is Sho Aihara’s young daughter, the stepdaughter of Ume Aihara, Yuzu Aihara’s little stepsister/wife, and the younger stepsister/wife of Yuzu Aihara.

Citrus is a manga series by Yuzu Aihara about the life of young girl named Citrus. She is the natural daughter of Sho Aihara and the older stepsister/wife of Mei Aihara, as well as the stepdaughter of Ume Aihara.

Matsuri Mizusawa is Inori’s older sister and a former junior high school student who initially serves as an antagonist, but who later becomes a supporting character in the series.

Harumi Taniguchi is the younger sister of Mitsuko Taniguchi and the best friend of Yuzu Aihara.

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Citrus Action

The story follows the life of Yuzu Aihara. She is a city girl who enjoys having fun and is trendy. The school’s vice principal, Yuzu, is transferred to a new area and a new high school. She is more interested in boys and shopping than academics. She has a hard time fitting in with the conservative females at her school.

Mei Aihara, for example, is at odds with the student council on several occasions. It turns out that he has a new half-sister, named Mei. As time goes on, Yuzu’s behavior becomes increasingly erratic, and she begins to express romantic interest in Mei Ahara.

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