Why Did Johnny Depp And Kate Moss Break Up

Why Did Johnny Depp And Kate Moss Break Up? What Did Kate Moss Say About Johnny Depp In Court?


Johnny Depp’s relationship with his ex-girlfriend, model Kate Moss, is back in the news after Amber Heard said that Depp pushed Moss down the stairs while they were on vacation in Jamaica. Moss is said to be willing to testify against Heard.

From 1994 to 1997, the 48-year-old supermodel dated Depp in a short-lived relationship that was one of the most talked-about of the 90s.

Heard mentioned rumors during the defamation trial that Depp had once pushed his model ex-girlfriend down the stairs. According to the Daily Mail, Moss will testify that Depp actually “caught her and took care of her” when she fell down the stairs while on vacation because she was wearing flip-flops.

Why Did The Couple Split Up?

Johnny and Kate seemed to love and care for each other in their relationship, so why did they break up in the late 1990s?

In a 1998 interview with Hello magazine, Mr. Depp talked about why the couple had broken up. He said, “I’ve been so stupid, because our relationship was going so well. I’m to blame for what happened. I was hard to get along with, I let my work get in the way, and I didn’t pay as much attention to her as I should have.

Heard brought up an alleged incident from March 2015, where she said she “instantly” thought of “Kate Moss and stairs” when she talked about a fight where Miss Heard hit Mr. Depp because she was afraid he would push her sister down the stairs. This comes after Heard said earlier in the trial that she “never hit Johnny” during the time they were together.

Heard’s defamation trial started on April 11, 2022, and it will end on May 27, 2022. This week is the last week of the trial.

Johnny Depp And Kate Moss
Johnny Depp And Kate Moss

What Did Kate Moss Say About Johnny Depp At Court?

Moss told the court, “[Depp] never pushed me, kicked me, or threw me down any stairs.” The trial is in its sixth and final week. It started because of an opinion piece Heard wrote for the Washington Post in 2018 in which she said that an ex-partner had abused her.

Who Said That Kate Moss Fell Down The Stairs?

Kate Moss testified on May 25 that her ex-boyfriend Johnny Depp “never pushed, kicked, or threw me down any stairs.” She said instead that he helped her after what she called a bad fall while on vacation.

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