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[Updated] Who Is Sabrina Carpenter Dating In Now: Photos And Videos

Celebrity Relationship

Who is Sabrina Carpenter’s boyfriend? Known vocalist Sabrina Carpenter has captivated us with her enchanting voice. In addition, she’s an excellent actress. In the Disney Channel sitcom Girl Meets World, which was a spin-off of Boy Meets World, viewers fell in love with her character. Maya Heart, Riley’s rebellious best friend, was played by her. As a result, she had become a sensational and cherished figure in the show. In the course of the series, viewers had come to appreciate her performance, which had made her renowned. For her first EP, Can’t Blame A Girl For Trying, she released it in 2014.

This is one of the most skilled and loving celebs we have ever seen. As a result, she inspires those around her with her creative and cheerful outlook. The fact that she has always remained true to herself has always been a big draw for her fans. The character Maya in Girl Meets World has also given us glimpses of her. Then there’s the fact that she’s stunningly lovely. Skin, her most recent music video, has her fans glued to their screens. It is so good that many of us haven’t been able to get over it yet. Her co-stars Steven Bradley Perry and Griffin Gluck have also been linked to her. You’ll want to know who Sabrina Carpenter is currently dating.

Who Is Sabrina Carpenter Dating?

Right now, Sabrina Carpenter is dating Joshua Bassett from The High School Musical. Rumors of a romance began when the two celebrities were spotted together at a Black Lives Matter event in July 2020. Also, they were seen having lunch together, although nothing had been said about their alleged romance at the time of the sighting. Further fueling the relationship rumours were their Halloween videos, where they appeared as Sharkboy and Lavagirl. They have photographed together again in January 2021, and Olivia Rodrigo went on to record the critically acclaimed single “Driver’s License” as a result. Driver’s License was widely believed to be about Sabrina Carpenter and Joshua Bassett’s relationship.

Sabrina Carpenter’s fans and Olivia Rodrigo’s fans had gone to war over this. Sabrina Carpenter’s Skin, on the other hand, seems to be a direct response to Olivia Rodrigo’s song. There should be no ill will against either of these two. As talented queens, they deserve a lot of respect, and those who don’t should just keep quiet about it.

Corey Fogelmanis, her co-star on Girl Meets World, has also been the subject of relationship rumours. Corey Fogelmanis’s birthday post, in which she had rejected the claims, had sparked the speculation. They never had a relationship and are just good friends, she said in the article. Some people were devastated by the news, since they thought the two of them were adorable together. Even though Sabrina is happy, her followers are happier as a result of it.

Joshua Bassett and Sabrina carpenter Photos

joshua bassett and sabrina carpenter photos
joshua bassett and sabrina carpenter photos

Sabrina Carpenter’s Early Life

Sabrina Carpenter was born on May 11th, 1995, in Leigh Valley, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Pittsburgh. Her sister Sarah Shanon and Cayla were both older than her. In addition, she is the niece of Nancy Cartwright, a well-known actress and voice actor. Her best-known role was that of Bart Simpson in the iconic children’s television show The Simpsons. As a child, Carpenter had studied at home and concentrated on her music. In fact, her father had even built her a purple music studio. Also, did you know that Sabrina Carpenter started uploading videos to YouTube at the age of just 10 years old?

For Girl Meets World, she was paired with Rowan Blanchard in the year 2013. Rowan Blanchards, one of her co-stars, was a big part of her life there. Your on-screen best friend has turned out to be one of your closest buddies. Regardless, she is a kind person and one of the best singers in the Western music industry.

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Who are Sabrina Carpenter’s exes?

Sabrina has dated or been believed to be dating a number of Disney Channel stars over the past few years. When she and Corey Fogelmanis starred on Girl Meets World, fans were rooting for them both. Then, in 2018, Sabrina posted on Instagram that she was “honoured” to know, but “not date” him.

While they were still infants, she and Good Luck Charlie star Bradley Steven Perry had a brief romance in 2014. Because they were teenagers, it wasn’t that serious, but nonetheless. It was a long time before Sabrina’s career as a singer and a Disney Channel star took off. In the music video for her single “Why,” Sabrina was supposed to be dating Riverdale star Casey Cott, but the allegations were just that.

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