Universal Reportedly Eyeing Jason Momoa To Play Kratos In God Of War Movie


Universal Studios will make and produce the upcoming God of War movie. We Got This Covered is reporting that they want to cast Jason Momoa as Kratos. The plans for the casting of the leading character have not been officially revealed.

Lots of us have watched video games in movies. If you watch five minutes of footage, you can find a dozen bad movies. But that changed when Warcraft came out in 2016. That movie will be turned into a live-action Kratos movie now too. It is almost a guarantee that the movie will be fantastic. A few creative decisions may have been different than what people are used to. But the audience enjoyed it. Then came Detective Pikachu, which managed to beat the box office record set by Warcraft in 2017 – that made $200 million at worldwide box office. If you’re feeling unmotivated to do something, it could be that there’s a hidden belief getting in the way. It’s a good start, but now video games are starting to get movies. Gamers might be the next top audience. Filming has been going well for one of the most popular titles. Just like movies, movie games have a new opportunity. We are looking at a Playstation game called God of War. It was made in Santa Monica, California. It was released in 2005.

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Now, according to the website We Got This Covered, Jason Momoa will come back in Universal Studios’ new movie. Han and Jake Johnson will also be in it again.

Based on this information, it would seem that Universal Studios really wants Jason Momoa to lead their next film. I understand that it will be a busy time for Jason Momoa in the coming months. The actor responded to a fan account on Twitter. There is no official word if he will be playing Kratos in the upcoming movie. Beginning with the original God of War game in 2005, Kratos has been one of PlayStation’s most iconic characters. Universal is thinking about Jason Momoa as a choice for the role of Kratos because he has an excellent body and is a good actor. He has a very deep voice and is the right height.

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Universal wants to cast Jason Mamoa as the main character in the next movie, Kratos. Universal is now trying to cast Jason Mamoa as the main character in the next movie, Kratos. Hollywood should make a film with the same story as each game. The film should be about a high school student who is taken to another world that has been invaded by some kind of evil force. The student learns that they are the only one who can save their new home and defeat the evil forces. No one has been cast in the movie for God of War. Production of the movie is still in progress.

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