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Tyler Henry Net Worth, Income, Earning, House, & Other Details (Updated 2022)


Tyler Henry is a reality television show star who has a net worth of $3 million as of 2022, according to Forbes. According to his own self-description, he is a psychic and medium. He is perhaps best known for his role as a clairvoyant medium on Tyler Henry’s E! Television Network television series Hollywood Medium, which premiered in 2016. Among Two Worlds: Lessons from the Other Side, a memoir, was published the same year as Between Two Worlds.

Tyler Henry Net Worth 2022

Net Worth: $3 Million
Profession: Tv Personality
Age: 27 Years Old
Country: United States
Born: January 13, 1996
Salary: $500 Thousand
Last Updated: 2022

Tyler Henry Early Life

Tyler Henry was born on the 13th of January in the year 1996. His hometown is Hanford, California, in the United States. Henry’s mother is Theresa Koelewyn, and his father is David Koelewyn. Henry was born in the year 2000. Tyler was close to his mother, and the two shared a special bond.

Tyler’s grandfather’s name was Henry Koelewyn, and he died when Tyler was a child. He came to the United States as an immigrant from the Netherlands. They were married when Tyler was 15 years old and are still together today. Tyler’s mother is Theresa, and his father is David. They have relocated to Hanford, California.

Tyler Henry Early Life
Tyler Henry Early Life

Tyler has enrolled in Sierra Pacific High School and is currently enrolled as a student. The majority of his high school years were spent volunteering to read for his professors and classmates. Both educators and students were taken aback by what they saw. He went on to complete his high school education. After graduating from high school, he continued his education at a community college. In college, he hoped to pursue a career as a fully accredited hospice nurse. His college education was not completed at the time of his death.

Henry is open about his sexual orientation and is proud of it. He is out and proud to be gay.

Tyler Henry Career

Tyler Henry was discovered by the E! Television Network when he was just a child. He was a guest star on the television series ‘Hollywood Medium.’ He was nineteen years old at the time of the incident. His twenty-first birthday was celebrated in 2016, and the show premiered that year. Tyler has made guest appearances on a variety of television shows. ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ is one of the most-watched television shows in the world. The author Tyler has performed readings for a number of well-known personalities.

The Kardashians are among the most well-known celebrities. Others include Alan Thicke, former NBA player John Salley, actress Monica Potter, actor Tom Arnold, Amber Rose, Jaleel White, Carmen Electra, Matt Lauer, Chad Michael Murray, Rick Fox, Megan Fox, Chrissy Metz, Krissy Cavallari, Bobby Brown, Roselyn Sanchez, Tom Arnold, Erika Jayne, the Kardashians, and others.

Within Two Worlds’, Tyler’s autobiography, was published. The first issue of the journal was published in the year 2016. In his memoir, he describes how he discovered his blessing when he was a teenager, as well as what it’s like to communicate with the dead. Additionally, Henry discusses the significance of symbology as well as the lessons we can learn from our loved ones who have passed away in the course of his readings. His mysterious gift has also had an impact on his outlook on death, which he discusses in detail.

People magazine published an article in 2018 in advance of the third season of Hollywood Medium. The piece detailed Henry’s claims about his abilities, the progression of his “powers,” and his reading with La Toya Jackson, which will be broadcast in the upcoming season and in which he claimed to have communicated with Michael Jackson. The piece also detailed Henry’s claims about his abilities, the progression of his “powers,” and his reading with La Toya Jackson, which will be broadcast in the upcoming season.

After four seasons, the television show Hollywood Medium came to an end in 2019. Tyler Henry’s second Netflix series, Life After Death with Tyler Henry, premiered in 2022 and reveals the true identity and family background of Henry’s mother. Additionally, in this episode, he delves into a true-crime mystery that occurred in his own life in 2019. Tyler’s mother was kidnapped and raised by a thief who turned out to be Tyler’s biological mother. When Tyler and his mother confiscated Stella and Gwle’s original documents “up until my mid-50s,” they claimed that Stella and Gwle were her biological parents in the series’ first episode.

Tyler Henry has made a name for himself in the film industry in a short period of time. This young man’s future appears promising, despite the fact that he has less than four years of experience in the film industry under his belt.

Tyler Henry Age, Height, and Weight

Tyler Henry was born on the 13th of January 1996, making him 26 years old as of today’s date, the 10th of March 2022. His height is 1.78 m and his weight is 72 kg, which makes him a tall and imposing figure.

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Tyler Henry Personal life

Yеt, tуlеr has not been married. He prefers to keep his love life a closely guarded secret. It is not yet in the public domain as to whom he is currently dating, but it will be in the near future. Considering that he is a talented young man, it is intriguing to note that he does not have a love life drаmа, which would be expected of a young man of his age. It’s a gау ореnlу situation.

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