Tyler Cameron is a true fanboy of BFF and costar Matt James’ infamous facial hair

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Well, it is no surprise that stars have fans for their talent and charming personality that inspires people and craves them to wake up each day only to see their idols onscreen or be content with small glimpses that they get captured in!

However, Tyler Cameron seems to have a different kind of love or ‘fanning’ over his BFF and fellow star Matt James.

The 28 year old ‘Bachelorette’ fame in one of his recent interviews with ‘Cheddar News’ revealed that he was a fan of his ‘Bachelor’ costar’s very infamous facial hair, aka his beard.

Cameron shared, “I used to be against the beard. I was like, ‘What are you doing, Matt?'” But now, I like the beard because I look back on old pictures of him and he looks kind of creepy without it.”

He also said that James looks the best with his beard and he should never decide to shave it off, as if he does so, “We’d all be turned off by him. I think he should keep the beard.”

In the previous month, during his appearance on the show ‘Watch What Happens Live’, when asked about Matt’s beard and a related question on personal grooming, Cameron jokingly answered, “On a scale of Matt’s beard, one being nothing and ten being that crazy nest, I’m about a 3.8. I gotta keep a little bit of fur, you know?”


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