International Students Bring Family Business to Fredericton

International Students Bring Family Business to Fredericton: The Three Sisters Say They Come From A Group of Super-Influential Ladies


Vam Jewelry was begun by Valeria Boquin and her twin sister Monica, who moved to Fredericton from Honduras for college in 2018. At the point when they returned home for Christmas, they were propelled by the innovative ladies in their family.

“One of my aunts had cancer when I left and the way she managed to survive and sustain her family was through jewelry,” said Valeria Boquin.

The young ladies concluded they would attempt exactly the same thing in Canada. Their auntie gave them a two-day intensive lesson and a few materials. After they returned to Canada, Boquin kept helping herself to make rings, hoops, hairpins, neckbands, and armbands.

“Now I find myself just grabbing the materials and just making things out of inspiration,” said Boquin.

At the point when she initially began selling in 2019, her first customers were global understudies. Boquin could perceive how her adornments could identify with them and what they wear back home.

“So that’s how I started growing, and little by little starting to get into the Canadian market. Now I see more New Brunswickers or around Canada into [my] jewelry,” said Boquin.

Clients say her gems is brilliant and not the same as things they’ve seen previously. This may have to do with the patterns and styles from Honduras that Boquin acquaints with the Canadian market.

“It’s certainly been a test however individuals have been excited about it,” said Boquin. “They have acknowledged it quite well and they are extremely intrigued and strong so I’m truly grateful with regards to it.”

As an understudy who needs to pay for her schooling, Boquin said she in some cases doesn’t have the opportunity or energy to give herself completely to her business. During the school year, Boquin has some low-maintenance occupations and a modest bunch of extracurriculars. Boquin’s sister needs to resign from the business in view of her own substantial responsibility. Boquin’s more youthful sister Alessandra is at present is helping from home in Honduras.

“I don’t think it’s been growing as I was hoping it would grow because I couldn’t put my whole energy in it and now I definitely see a difference right now in summer when I can,” said Boquin, who continued to operate the business during the summer months.

In spite of these difficulties, she said it is truly remunerating to make an item you are pleased with.

“It took me some time to be exceptionally certain of my items,” said Bourquin. “Figuring out how to acknowledge that it goes as it goes… has permitted me to accept more and to see more sure things and furthermore to buckle down on what I need.”

The majority of her materials actually come from Honduras, but since of Covid, she has been consolidating materials from New Brunswick. Vam has moved up to utilizing materials like gold as they attempt to make their business more manageable.

“We are reducing the amount of waste, we don’t use plastic in our (online) store anymore,” said Boquin. “We make sure the material quality is very good quality so if they last long the less you have to buy.”

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