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The Professor Net Worth 2022 – Personal Life, Acting Career & Other Less Known Facts


Grayson Boucher (The Professor) Net Worth

Grayson Boucher, who is also known as “the professor,” is thought to be worth about $3 million.

Grayson Boucher is a pro streetball player who makes money in a lot of different ways. The endorsement dealers know about him because of how good he is. Boucher also makes a lot of money from appearing in movies and on YouTube.

This article will talk briefly about Grayson Boucher’s sources of income, competition tours, and other things like that. Pay attention to this article…

How Did Grayson Boucher Get His Celebrity status? And How Much Money Is Grayson Boucher Worth?

Grayson reportedly has a fortune of $2 million. However, his net wealth was only $2 million at the time he played streetball.

As a result of being kicked from the basketball team, Grayson has taken up streetball and acting. In the film industry, he was a legend.

Adrien Broner and Bernard Hopkins are two of the most successful fighters in the world. While playing streetball, he was able to make $500k thanks to his YouTube channel win.

In 2004, when he started marketing, he started to pay attention. He quickly rose to the status of world-class entertainer.

The same thing happens to him when he starts playing streetball games: he regularly appears on ESPN as a result. In the same way, he’ll be joining the 2011 Ball up a tour.

Through streetball and the AND1 Mixtape Tour” DVD series, Grayson makes money.

It was so decided to make an educational model for youngsters. Because he joined the team as a young streetball player.

In addition, he was a junior champion in a number of sports. Grayson’s professional advancement will be the subject of our next discussion.

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Acting Career 

Boucher has been in a number of films featuring basketball players because of his prominence. In Will Ferrell’s film Semi-Pro, he played the opposition team’s point guard in the final game and was also included in the DVD bonus features. Boucher portrayed Sticky in the film Ball Don’t Lie, which was based on the novel of the same name. The film was completed and screened at several film festivals around the country, but it was never released on DVD or Blu-ray.

While working on his YouTube series, Boucher took on the character of Spider-Man, a superhero invented by him. As Batman, he disguised himself and went to numerous basketball courts throughout Los Angeles to play against unsuspecting opponents. Within a week of being released, the first episode had 14 million views on YouTube. In addition to being aired on ESPN’s website, the video was tweeted by Shaquille O’Neal, who drew even more attention to it. There were additional plans to incorporate other well-known basketball players in the third episode, which featured NBA standout, Jamal Crawford. The fourth installment of the series featured another street basketball player, Larry “Bone Collector” Williams, who disguised himself as Captain America from Marvel Comics. Deadpool disguised himself as a basketball player in the sixth film. The sixth episode of the series saw a Boucher costumed as Carnage going up against another basketball player.

Super-Human Dribbling, a free web-based instructional that includes Boucher’s ball-handling drills and workouts, was also established by Boucher.

Boucher currently has a YouTube page where he publishes mixtapes of him playing in local basketball leagues, amusing and hilarious films, instructional, and other interesting basketball videos that he has filmed himself doing.

In April of this year, Boucher sustained a career-threatening Achilles tendon injury. Since June 2020, he had recovered from an accidental hydrocodone and acetaminophen overdose in the early phases of treatment. Instead of disclosing the injury until after his recuperation was complete in August of the following year, he continued to post videos to YouTube from before it happened, showing him in a pre-injury state.

Street basketball career

Boucher and his brother went to see AND1 Mixtape Tour in Portland, Oregon. Boucher learned about a “open run” trial for the tour and was accepted. Aside from featuring on the tour’s website and in different promotional materials, Boucher was also heavily featured in the tour’s marketing.

On top of that, he has appeared in several TV shows and movies, including seven seasons of ESPN’s Streetball and five mixtape DVDs.

Even while on the road, Boucher continues to practice and play professional chess.

He played streetball with Ball Up after he left AND1 in January 2011. Demetrius Spencer, Ball Up’s CEO, was introduced to him in late 2008. There are many of the same players on this tour as in the AND1 Mixtape Tour, but this one concentrates on the court instead of behind-the-scenes film. Over ten nations were visited during the worldwide tour, and there were plans for a winter tour in the United States.


As of 2021, Boucher has over 5.5 million YouTube subscribers and 950 million total views. Professor Live, his YouTube account, has a variety of mixtapes, including films of him participating in local basketball leagues, as well as videos about having a good time and comedic clips. It’s not only how-tos and tutorials that he offers; he also has a slew of fascinating

Early Life

Grayson “Professor” On June 10, 1984, Scott Boucher was born. He grew up in Keizer, Oregon, the United States of America, where he was born. In high school, Professor attended McNary High Institution but was subsequently moved to Salem Academy, a private school, for his last year of schooling. He received all-state honors in that state.
Chemeketa Community College was the only option he had because he had no other options. He was a member of the collegiate basketball team while in university.

Personal Life

He’s not dating anyone right now. There are not many people that know who Boucher is. Personal and work life are two separate entities for him. So it’s possible that he has a spouse or a romantic interest, but he never mentions it out loud.

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