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‘Survivor’ Season 42 Announced: What Does It Look Like? Confirmed Release Date, Location, and Cast


After a sabbatical of more than a year, Survivor returned in 2021, ushering in a new era in terms of casting, plot twists, and gameplay. A fresh group of candidates will push themselves to the edge physically, emotionally, and strategically in the chase of a million-dollar prize in Season 42, which will be broadcast on ABC.

Learn everything there is to know about Survivor season 42, including when the new season begins, who will be in the cast, and much more, by continuing reading.

Survivor’ Season 42 Announced Release Date

It won’t be long now, will it? Survivor 42 will air on Wednesday, March 9, 2022, according to a CBS announcement made in November 2021. Season 42 will have a two-hour debut, and it is expected that two participants will be eliminated in the first few days of the season, similar to season 41.

When did Survivor season 42 film?

It is expected that filming for Survivor 42 will begin in the middle of May. Season 41 is projected to have been filmed in only 26 days, which is a significant reduction from the 39 days that many previous seasons had been filmed in. This suggests that Survivor 42 will be taped between May and June of 2021.

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Location Is Next for Survivor 42

Finding the location of Survivor 42 is a unique and exciting thing to do on the show. In yet another season of Survivor, the Mamanuca Islands in Fiji have been chosen as the destination. Based on current preparations, it appears that the Mamanuca Islands will host all future seasons of the show.

Location Is Next for Survivor 42.
Location Is Next for Survivor 42.

The clean water, lovely beaches, and kind people of Fiji have earned the country a positive reputation, and Probst once expressed his desire that they would “remain here forever.” Survivor 41 took place in Fiji, and unlike prior seasons, there was no cheering studio audience to support the contestants.

Survivor 42 Cast

Survivor 42 Cast
Survivor 42 Cast

The cast of Survivor 42 was officially confirmed on February 9, 2022, by the CBS television network.

Chanelle Howell 

Given Chanelle Howell’s background as an executive recruiter, she anticipates that crunching statistics will come as second nature to her. The 29-year-old feels she possesses the “toolset” necessary to win, including the motivation, a strong work ethic, and professional success gained via networking. And she is hopeful that her previous experience with “the sell” would provide her with a plethora of items to choose from when she receives the million-dollar reward.

Daniel Strunk

Due to his childhood battle with leukemia, Daniel Strunk can proudly declare himself a survivor of leukemia and other diseases. And it has kept the 30-year-old law clerk humble, to the point where he is even a little self-deprecating about his situation. It’s possible that his modesty is simply preparation for the type of game he intends to play: goofy and not stealthy, with the goal of turning his highly diligent fandom into an advantage in the game.

Drea Wheeler 

Drea Wheeler has never been one to back down from a challenge. She has lived like there is no tomorrow after tragically losing her father at a young age, striking out on her own to launch a fitness consulting firm that has given her enormous success. And the 35-year-old aims to bring it to the beach, where she is focused on whipping her camp into shape while also ensuring that there is no commotion.

Hai Giang 

Hai Giang, a data scientist, has faced a number of challenges during his life. In the aftermath of his parents’ immigration from Vietnam, he grew up impoverished and lonely, turning to television for solace while traversing the world with his television show, Survivor. Moreover, he brings his independence into the game with him, having no intention of being loyal to long-term allegiances–or even to his initial tribe.

Jackson Fox 

Several years ago, Jackson Fox accepted a dare that set off an unexpected chain of events that eventually led him to the beaches of Fiji. The healthcare worker confesses that he’ll be a fly on the wall during the first few days of camp, but he credits his later life in a Southern Baptist town with preparing him to confront any adversity that may come his way. And although the 48-year-old beliefs himself to be a softie when it comes to animals, any humans who happen to get in his way should be on their guard.

Jenny Kim’s 

The twist-filled world of Survivor is set to provide Jenny Kim, 43, with an abundance of opportunities for growth and development. The creative designer has previously been referred to as a shark, and she aims to use her experience as a leader to guide some fish in the shape of the other candidates. But she also brags about her social skills, confident that her warmth and inherent trustworthiness will cause her to be underestimated until it’s too late for her.

Jonathan Young 

Considering that he was 14 when he participated in the Survivor-like reality series of the same name, Jonathan Young, 29, is no stranger to perseverance. The proprietor of a beach service company acknowledges his physical presence, and he hopes to establish himself as a helpful member of his tribe by presenting himself as such. However, this beach has a more shady side, and he intends to make the most of his stay on the island by causing mayhem and mischief.

Survivor 42 Trailer 

With the release of the trailer, the official announcement for Survivor 42 was made, igniting a flurry of enthusiasm among the show’s devoted followers. Initial peeks of Survivor 42 were broadcast during the season finale of Survivor 41, and the new season is expected to set new standards for the competition.

It has been dubbed “the most dangerous version of Survivor” that has ever been seen. It is going to raise the bar in terms of overall expectations because we will be seeing fierce competitors such as a firefighter, a weightlifter, and even a businesswoman this time around. The show’s host, Jeff Probst, has spoken out about the difficulties and sadness of the situation, saying, “There is no food and a relentless pace.”

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