Recently a lot of high-budget movies have been shifting locations to Canada because of their budget-friendly cost, magnificent spectacle and extraordinary appeal. The Canadian government also provides fruitful tax credits for production filming in the country.

Here are the top 10 Mega-Hit movies you didn’t know were filmed in Canada!


1. Shape Of Water

The 2017 American Romantic fantasy film directed by Guillermo del Toro, which also won an Academy Award for Best Picture in 2018 was shot in Canada’s University of Toronto Campus, according to Atlas of Wonders. The shooting location was used as a substitute for Baltimore.


2. Twilight

Who would have thought that ALL the parts of the Twilight Franchise (except for the first movie) are shot in Canada! So that means the Cullen house, the epic fight scene of Breaking Dawn was shot in Canada? The answer is yes! The Twilight movies were shot in downtown Vancouver and British Colombia as a proxy for Seattle, Washington. Did that make you say, wow, Canada is breathtaking! 


3. Catch Me If You Can

The 2002 Steven Spielberg film, Catch Me If You Can’s airport scenes were shot in Canada. The Ontario International Airport was a replacement for Miami International and the Montreal airport for France.


4. Chicago

Did you know that the 2002 film adaptation of the Broadway musical Chicago was filmed wholly in Toronto! Famous locations such as Queen’s Park,  Union Station, the Elgin Theatre, the Danforth Music Hall, the Old City Hall, and Osgoode Hall.


5. X-men Trilogy

The Mega-hit X-Men Trilogy was filmed in Canadian locations such as Hamilton and Toronto, Ontario. The epic battle in the train station was filmed at Liuna Station in Hamilton and Professor Xavier’s school stood at Casa Loma, Toronto.


6. The Incredible Hulk

Most of the action sequences of 2008’s superhit movie The Incredible Hulk were shot in Hamilton and Toronto, Ontario. Though the opening scenes were shot in Brazil’s Rio de Janerio.


7. Titanic

Here is the one you all have been waiting for. Did you know the set of Titanic was NOT CGI? Director James Cameron did actually had the whole set build. The scenes of Bill Paxton excavating the wreck were shot on the coast of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada, where the REAL ship actually sank.


8. Mean Girls

The 2008 teen comedy, Mean Girls though set in Illinois was actually filmed in Toronto, Ontario. Etobicoke Collegiate Institute and Malvern Collegiate Institute were substituted for North Shore High School.


9. Good Will Hunting

The 1992 film, ‘Good Will Hunting, starring legend Robin Willams (Oh Captain, My Captain) and Matt Damon were for the most part filmed in Toronto. And many of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s scenes were actually taken at the University of Toronto!


10. Disney’s ZOMBIES

Disney’s ZOMBIES as well as its sequel both have been filmed at locations such as Toronto and Hamilton. However, the Preponderance of the films has been shot in Toronto. Also, Seabrook High School’s set was actually constructed at Cherry Beach, Toronto.




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