adam sandler controversy

“Ridiculous Six” By Adam Sandler The Racism Debate Was “Just A Misunderstanding,” He Said.


Adam Sandler is finally talking about the controversy surrounding his Netflix movie “The Ridiculous Six.” In April, about a dozen Native Americans walked off the set of the movie, which was called “The Ridiculous Six.”

Native Americans were made fun of in racist jokes, but when Sandler finally talked about it at the premiere of his new movie “Pixels,” he said he didn’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings.

“It was just a misunderstanding,” Sandler told the Associated Press. “Everything will be clear once the movie comes out.”

The comedian also said that “Ridiculous Six” was a movie that was “pro-Indian.”

adam sandler controversy
adam sandler controversy

He told ScreenCrush, “I talked to some of the actors on set and told them that the whole point of the movie is to just make a funny movie.” “It’s really about American Indians being good to my character, caring about their family, and just being good people.

The movie does not make fun of American Indians in any way. It’s a movie that helps Indians. So I hope that whoever was upset on set and left will realize that when they see it, that will be the end of it. It was a little out of place.”

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