Pieces Of Her Ending Explained

Pieces Of Her Ending Explained: How Its Surprising Twist Sets Up Season 2 & Who Is Jane In Pieces Of Her?


It is Laura who informs Andy in Pieces of Her that “CONTRARY TO WHAT YOU MAY BELIEVE, MY LIFE DID NOT BEGIN THE MOMENT YOU WERE BORN.” A shocking realization occurs to all of us during our adolescence: our parents are more than just our parents; they are three-dimensional persons who have lived entire lives before we were even a glimmer of an idea in the recesses of their thoughts. In Pieces of Her, this universal feeling is elevated to a whole new level of profundity.

Toni Collette portrays Laura, a small-town social worker, and Bella Heathcote portrays Andy, Laura’s 30-year-old daughter, who is suffering from a particular brand of Millennial malaise. The new eight-part Netflix thriller series premiered on November 1 and will be available on Netflix on December 1. An incident at a local restaurant causes the mother-daughter team to become the focus of a media frenzy, and they are forced to flee the scene. With the unwanted attention comes the re-entry of people from Laura’s distant past — and her daughter begins to uncover the startling truth about her mother’s shocking past.

Pieces of Her immediately captures viewers’ attention with its twists and turns, which include familial deception, mistaken identities, cases stuffed with stacks of money, and late-night pursuit scenes, among other things. Nothing we saw or heard could be trusted, and the show kept us guessing until the very last minute of its runtime. Let’s take a look at the Pieces of Her season finale and what it could signal for a possible second season of the show.

Pieces Of Her Ending Explained: Who Is Jane?

As Andy slowly uncovers mysteries from her mother’s background in Pieces of Her, we are drawn into the story. It all starts with a getaway car stocked with firearms, dozens of fake identification cards, and a suitcase stuffed with cash. Then she learns that she and her mother had been placed in witness protection before she was even born. Finally, she discovers that Laura’s real name is Jane and that she is descended from the affluent Queller family, which she regards as a blessing. As a result of the assassination of her father, Michael Queller (Terry O’Quinn), during an international conference in Oslo, Jane “disappeared.”

In flashbacks, Jessica Barden plays Laura’s younger self, who lives a very different life and has a very different name. We finally learn who Laura was like before her past became a secret — and why it eventually became one — thanks to Barden’s scenes.

Meanwhile, we begin to witness Laura/Jane as a child in a series of flashbacks that take place. She fell in love with Nick Harp (Joe Dempsie), the leader of a far-left group known as The Army of the Changing World, and the two became engaged in 2009. She became a member of the organization and assisted Nick in his plot to have Grace Juno assassinate her father in Oslo. Following his death, Jane fled with her unborn child from Nick, served time in prison, and was placed under witness protection.

After a season filled with shocking twists and turns, the eighth and last episode is where it all starts to come together.

Jane is scared of Nick discovering her whereabouts, and the conclusion explains why. He isn’t interested in her money; he is interested in a recording. When Jane hears Nick and her brother Jasper (David Wenham) discussing a business proposal, she decides to take a tape recorder of the conversation. It turns out that Jasper was aware of the conspiracy in Oslo. He wished to rid himself of his father in order to be able to take over the family business.

In yet another twist, Andy suddenly recalls that Nick did not discover her at the scene of the vehicle crash; rather, he was the one who caused it. And Charlie (Gil Birmingham) isn’t in the hospital; according to her memories, he passed away at the scene of the crime. In the aftermath of the crash, Andy attacks Nick, causing the cottage to catch fire and destroying all of the money with it. Nick disappears into the woods, with Laura/Jane chasing after him. She is about to shoot him when Andy walks up to her and asks her to hold off. After 30 years of searching, the FBI finally apprehends Nick at his home, where he is held in custody.

That appears to be the end of it. Things appear to be gradually calming down. Andy and Laura/Jane have decided to return to their hometown. Andy and Mike rekindle their friendship — “like regular people,” as she puts it. Jane has the opportunity to play the piano and toss those terrible Talbot clothing to the curb. However, because this is Pieces of Her, there will undoubtedly be one final twist.

Pieces Of Her Final Twist

The story comes to a close with a shocking flashback that reveals what occurred in Oslo. Jane, not Nick, was the one who handed Grace the gun that killed Michael Queller. Jane was the one who provided Nick with the gun.

“My father has made it apparent how he feels about my current state of affairs. As if he has any control over whether or not she exists “Grace is informed by Jane. It was later discovered that Michael had been administering medicines to Jane in an attempt to terminate her pregnancy. “No one has ever been able to stop him,” Jane explains before handing Grace her bag, which contains a loaded revolver.

During this flashback, Andy and Mike speak on the phone, which serves as an interlude. Andy, it appears, has also worked out what is really going on.

Jane receives a phone call from Jasper in the last moments of the show. It appears that Jasper has communicated with Nick and that Nick has learned the truth about their father’s death as well. “I’ll get back to you,” he adds before hanging up the phone.

Andy goes to the beach after receiving the phone call and sees her mother there. “Sometimes, I would simply walk to the beach and think, ‘What would Laura do?’,” Jane admitted earlier in the show. “What would Laura do?” she wondered. Although Jane’s difficulties appear to be over, for now, the episode concludes with her back at the beach contemplating her next move.

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Pieces Of Her Sets Up Season 2

Despite the fact that the Pieces of Her climax brought many loose ends together, there are still more pieces of the puzzle to be discovered. We may reasonably assume that, given the show’s abrupt conclusion, it will return for a second season to conclude the storyline. So yet, Netflix has not confirmed if Pieces of Her will be renewed for a second season with additional episodes.

However, if the show is renewed for a second season, it will have to deal with the following unsolved questions:

  • If Nick Harp is simply an alias, then who exactly is Nick Harp?
  • How did Eli and Clara end up in this situation?
  • Is it true that Charlie was killed in the vehicle accident?
  • What was it about Laura/Jane that made Paula Kunde (the imprisoned lady from the Army of the Changing World) so enraged?
  • What will Andy do now that she is aware of the truth about the events in Oslo?
  • Is Jasper planning to blackmail his sister now that he has discovered the truth about their relationship?

Despite the fact that Pieces of Her ended with many mysteries unanswered, we have no doubt that Netflix will be delivering us an even more fascinating second season in no time.

The first season of her show is currently streaming on Netflix.

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